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Monday, January 9, 2012

New and Exciting News

I had a really hard time posting Sunday Stills Yesterday just cause I had so much happen on Saturday but now I am all caught up and can share some exciting news.  We went shopping Saturday morning in Strathmore on our way to Char's lesson.  We stopped at Lammle's cause I got a gift card for Christmas that I said I was gonna spend on show shirts, so we walk in the door and got stuck at hats, lol.  There was a lightish one Char absolutely loved and it was priced at 59.99!  So we got looking around and another couple at that price too and the regular price on them was $200.  Thought that was a pretty good sale till the sales girl came over and said everything with a sale price was an extra 30% off, so our hats we even cheaper!!  I ended up buying a really pretty silver one (and have no pic of it) and then we went to shirts and I got 3, only 2 were on sale, but i loved the red one so I got it anyways.  Also bought a hat box so our hats will keep looking nice for a while.

We left there and headed to eat then out to K and K Livestock.  We dropped our hats off there for cleaning and Chars old hat needed to be shaped cause she squished it with her coat.  So that's why no pics of hats or hat boxes.  We actually didn't buy anything else there, just continued on to Doug's.  Char was supposed to have a lesson but Doug couldn't make it so she was gonna work cows.

I went in town boots not expecting to ride but ride I did.  That mare he talked about on Thursday was there so she was saddled up and I got on her.  I was a little apprehensive cause she hadn't been ridden in 6 or 8 months and was kinda fat.  But she was nice and quiet and even when he changed the bridle (without me getting off) she was fine.  I went into the herd and picked a black white face cow and worked her around the edges.  I had to tell Doug I never rode one handed before and didn't know what I was doing so he kinda helped me through it.  She was really good, knew what she wanted to do and did it correctly but I still had to actually ride her, she didn't pack me.  Was kinda fun and now I know what a real cutting horse is supposed to feel like. 

So all I know is she is 7, went through Doug's program and he showed her as a 3 and 4 year old, the owner showed her last year and she hasn't done anything since.  He thought we would get along really well and I could just get her in shape and show her this year, and learn a lot from her so move on to a better horse later on.  I am trying not to get too excited, think I will phone and get a soundness exam before I even think of making any decisions.  Sure is a lot easier to decide on a horse when someone knows what I should have.  I am pretty nervous though.  So nervous I never even got any pics of her!  Yikes.

Oh and I got the cutest candle holder from Charlene for Christmas and last night I put candles in it and it was even nicer.  Had vanilla scented candles so that was nice too :)

Speaking of Charlene she was also told is she really wants to show and be competitive Dude is probly not the horse she wants to get there.  He has a major problem with not stopping before turning and that is really what the basics of cutting are.  Doug figured he could fix him but not sure how well it would stick and in the mean time he would be teaching Char wrong.  So she really likes him anyways and now she doesnt know what to do cause another horse is not in her budget but she is gonna leave him at Dougs for the month and go to the show on the 21st and then decide from there.  So kinda dissapointing news for her, but after she saw me work tha mare, she kinda knew herself anyways.  She might ranch cut on him but thats not really what she wants to do so we have to wait and see what will happen.


Country Gal said...

Oh WOW ! Sounds like an awesome day ! Love the shirts. I was surprised that you never one handed rained before or as I call it neck raining. When I had my horse years ago and worked with horses I rode bare back, English which isnt much different then bare back just a comfy pad with stirrups on it lol and western ! I dont know if I can do that all now a days its been years since I have been on a horse lol not sure if I would remember how to ride now ! . Hope all works out for your friend ! Have a wonderful evening !

Shirley said...

We will be waiting to see the outcome of this! Pics next time please! Sounds like such fun to ride a cutting horse that knows it's job. Wish I had one, and a place to practice, let alone show.

Linda said...

I'm a tad envious! Looking forward to the pictures.

fernvalley01 said...

very exciting day! Hope it works out for all

Cheyenne said...

Hi Crystal!!!!.....Finally got my Blog back! Trying to catch up on all my friends out there!