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Friday, January 27, 2012

More About Cutting

So I got thinking again, scary I know, and not everyone knows what cutting is or understands the thrill of it.  We were talking about it today at another one of Chars lessons.  And there is ussually not a lot of spectators at a cutting event because it wasn't exactly a thrilling event to watch unless you cut or its a really good run.  But there is nothing like watching a really good run, or riding one. So I thought I would post a video about cutting.  It is made by the NCHA (national cutting horse association) and so kinda promotes joining it, but also some good horses to be seen in it (and a paint :)

And thought just for fun I would put in a video of the 2011 NCHA Futurity Champion  Todd Gann on Chief Red Warrior.  Its kinda a cool video cause the rider talks us through the ride.


Cheyenne said...

I enjoyed this!

fernvalley01 said...

I love to watch cutting! Amazing horses !

Shirley said...

The worst part of cutting for a spectator is all the waiting in between rubs- especially settling the herd! Oh well, it just makes for more visiting time.