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Thursday, January 19, 2012

2011 Riding and Riding Goals for 2012

I remember sometime I did a review of all the hours I rode in 2010 so I thought I might do something like that again and in it add in my goals for this year as well.  It is easy to keep track cause I am part of the AQHA Horseback Riding Program and I record all my hours riding or driving both Quarter horses as well as other breeds.  The only confusing part is they don't keep specific records for other breeds so its a little harder for me to keep track of but the registered horses shows exactly how many hours riding each of them has. 
About half way through the year( I can't remember when)  I started putting Razz as a Buckskin and Dinero and Gypsy were paints but I am sure I put some of Razz's hours as a paint too, but this year Razz will be a buckskin and Jazz will be a paint cause those are the only 2 I have that aren't quarter horses.  And if I ride someone elses horse I generally put them in the grade quarter horse category unless I know thier registered name and number which is a nusiance so I don't usually bother.

So it looks like I rode:
--Disco half hour (that wasn't the plan but hopefully more will occur this year)
--Shasta 2 hours (only cause I only had her a few weeks, she will definitely get more hours this summer)
--Bailey 3 hours (that's sad, I feel bad for her cause she always wants to go so hopefully more this year as well)
--Kali 26.5 (not bad but she will probly get more outside riding this summer)
   So a total of 32 hours on Quarter Horses last year, 13 hours less than the year before, probly cause I ended up riding Razz a lot more than any other horse around here.
Other Breeds:
--Paints 53 hours (between Gypsy and some of Razz's  and Dinero's hours I thinks)
--Buckskin 124 hours (of Razz's, she may get the same, but probly less if I am riding Jessie)
--Palomino 23 hours (Dinero's hours but maybe not all of them)
--Grade quarter Horse 7 hours (I can't remember who this all was once was Ricki and maybe Twister or Avril or Smartie or Karcy)
   For a total of 207 hours on other breeds, not totally unexpected, way up from 2010 which only had 135.5 hours, but will probly change for next year.
  So a total of 239 hours riding last year, not too bad at all.  Kinda fun how I can keep track like that.  I think I should be getting another award soon cause there is one at 500 hours, so hopefully this summer sometime on both levels cause I am over 400 on both.

This year I plan on more riding, but it will be different riding.  Bailey and Shasta and Razz will be used for mostly ranch work and trail riding, Jazz will get started and rode out and in some, and Disco I'm not sure yet, I will start ponying her from Razz here in the spring, start her all over again like a colt but hopefully faster.  And then Jessie (or another cutter)  I will hopefully show and take lessons and get a lot done that way as well.  I am trying not to make specific goals because they seem like they aren't working but I know I do want to ride more, and that should not be a problem if winter gets nice again and I get Jazz started early enough.  I am gonna ask Doug if he starts colts cause I think that would be an awesome 30 or 60 days beginning for her to learn the flag and work cows, even if she will not be a cutter. 


Country Gal said...

Sounds great ! Lots of fun a head and work . Have a great day !

lisa said...

Sounds like a great plan and I think that is one of the things that I want to do and that is to make myself goals for the year!

Country Gal said...




Suzanne said...

Love the riding record! I should have my daughter do that with her horse that we are working with!

fernvalley01 said...

Well done , a couple hundred more hours that I even thought of!

5 Starr's Farm said...

You are just way to organized for me ;)