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Monday, January 2, 2012

Razz and Kali

On Friday I went over to the neighbors arena and rode Razz with Charlene cause we had planned a lesson with Doug for Saturday and I wanted to ride before the lesson.  I hadn't rode in almost 3 weeks and I felt so good to be back riding again.

In the arena was a heel o matic and Razz thought that was the scariest thing ever!!!  She wanted no part of it, but the problem was after we were in the arena is was right by the gate, lol so she had to.  I just ignored it and made her work and she sorta got over it. 

On Saturday we had our lesson on cows and I rode Razz firsta  and she was pretty good, I was a little confused cause he makes us do different things, but it made sense afterwards.  Then He asked if I wanted to ride Kali, so I thought I might as well since I never worked her on cows or the flag before.  And I can see what he means about her not being interested.  She worked really well when there was only one cow but when there was more than one she had no interest in chasing them.  I had to kick her really hard to get her to keep up with the cow.  Which is sooo odd cause outside she responds so well to the leg.  So I guess its the right decision but now I dont know what to do with her.

Afterwards we took Kali and Razz home and Charlene left Dude there for a month or two to get some refreshing and she is going to a show on Saturday in Claresholm.  She was not prepared for that, but she has a lesson on Thursday and Doug said he was going on Saturday so she is too. 

I have them in the corral so I can aclimatize Kali to not wearing a blanket anymore (I dont want to turn her out in pasture with 8 other horses with her blnket on, specially since she is the bottom of the totem pole in there)  So today I went out and opened the gate to the big corral and they sure made use of it.  I love it when they run around and play :)  It was getting dark but I got a couple videos of them out there.

I am thinking I will go down to Brooks to the Silver Sage this week and ride them down there, might as well since they are in the corral for a couple weeks..  I also told Char if she wants to ride while Dude is gone she can call me and I will bring them over and we can each ride one. 


fernvalley01 said...

Having a little trouble seeing the videos, must be my internet .sounds like you are back on that busy track though

Shirley said...

I wonder how Kali would do as a reiner. Once she grows up a little if you get her reining, and she prefers to work only one cow, maybe working cowhorse would be an option. Also, her reluctance to work in the herd might just be because she isn't mentally ready; it may change in another year. Of course, that doesn't work for showing, unless you wanted to keep her long enough to go in the aged events.

lisa said...

Shirley has a good idea there!