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Friday, January 6, 2012

Moving On

On Wednesday I called up Linda and we headed down to Silver Sage with out ponies to go riding.  I took both Razz and Kali.  I rode Kali first and she was super lazy!  I dont know why she is so hard to get her tolope cause once she is loping she doesnt try to stop, so we just lope till I want to stop and then we go the other way and struggle again.  maybe I should just do lots of transitions and maybe I she would get better but I was exhausted enough after half hour.  So I switched saddles to Razz and she was the total opposite of Kali and I shoulda known cause when she lives in the corral she is kinda hot.  So she managed to walk about a lap then trot a couple then we loped for about a million (well felt like it anyways)  Then I asked her to stop and she was breathing pretty hard so we walked a lot of laps and visited with Linda and then we went to other direction.  I think all those people who tell me Shast has a lot of energy need to ride a horse like Razz casue they dont know what they are talking about till they really ride a horse with lots of energy.  Before we went riding there Linda asked if we could stop so she could take a couple pictures of some horses for sale so sure no problem, but if i realized we were gonna be there for 2 1/2 hours I woulda asked if she could do it another day.  What a long boring day to stand around and watch barrel horses.    But it was on the way so  that was handy at least. 
(weird clouds yesterday, they looked greyer than this)
I been slowly working Kali towards no blanket and since its been so nice here its worked really well, last night she had no blanket on and this morning doesnt look cold so thats a good sign.  She wore her winter blanket for a couple days then it got to be 15 on Wed so I took it off and she wore her light blanket that night and yesterday took it off and just left it off and she seems fine.  I really expected it to take longer but the weather is cooperating so well that I might just end up leaving her now.  It is supposed to be warm for another couple weeks, getting above freezing int he daytime, so she should be good.  Im glad cause I didnt want to have to put her in the pasture with a blanket on.
(Kinda looked tornadoey but wasnt)
Then yesterday Char had a lesson and Dougs and I went along cause she is still a little wary of driving at night and it was good, Dude is getting more responsive already.  Not so lazy in his turns and stopping straighter on the ends. 
(sunrise this morning, so peach)
And after the lesson we brought up a new horse for me and he asked what I was looking to spend and I said definitly no more than 12 and he says that is not a problem at all, he can easily find a horse for less than that.  So I am pretty excited again, i thought I wasnt gonna be cutting this year but it might all change.  He mentioned a mare that is pretty nice but said she was not straight in the front, but they want 8 for her said she is super broke and figured I would get along good with her.  I dont know how crooked but kinda wary about that.  He also said George Canyon had a nice gelding I would really like that was showed lots but not sure if he was for sale.   I didnt know if he meant the singer George Canyon but he said later it was and he used to ride there, how cool is that!  Said there was a lot of horses out there 7 or 8 or even up to 12 out there that just get kinda lost but are really broke and have been shown lots int he past and it would take no time to get them back so he is gonna ask around for me :)))  Now maybe I will get what I really want and can learn for real.

I looked at this gelding on Northern and emailed the girl about him and I will bring the paper to Doug on Saturnday when we go back and get his opinion on him, probly not as good as some he could pick out though.  He was talking about mostly ones with lots of earnings on them, so I kinda wanna wait to see what he comes up with.


lisa said...

Sure hope things out for you finding the perfect partner!

fernvalley01 said...

Sure looks like he is bred for it . Good luck on the search .Sounds like you will be trying a few prospects soon! I will be very jealous if you get to meet George Canyon

Shirley said...

Keep you options open, the right one will come along. Hope you get to show this year. If you get to meet George you will really like him, he's pretty humble.