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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pretty Ponies

So as I was out taking pics for yesterday I got a really beautiful head shot of Belle, even if there is distracting headless horses in the background.  And I am on her shoulder (didn't notice that till it was posted here.

I also got one of the weird spot on the side of her  head where she sweats if stressed.  Don't know why but its always that one spot.

While I am trying to take pics, I got this one of Shasta that actually turned out not to bad, I think she really wants to come up and be friendly but she is too worried about being to close to the other friendly horses there. 

I have a hard time getting any pics of Jazz cause she is always close by, and Tuesday was being a pain as I had a halter on Bailey and she just kept grabbing the rope with her teeth, was kinda a surprise for her when the rope hit her nose though (oops, lol.  I just meant to swing it by her)  But didn't seem to deter her too much, she came back and was right close again.  I wish she was a little better halter broke and I would take her down when we go riding at Silver Sage and just get her used to stuff and maybe pony here, but that will have to wait a bit cause I don't want to keep her in the corral for now. 

Last time we went down to Brooks to ride (Tuesday)  I took Bailey cause she was just begging to go and I had planned on Shasta but wasn't sure how much work Bailey was gonna be so I got lazy and took Kali, I knew if I was tired I could just walk on her.  And Bailey was really good, we walked and trotted lots then I quit cause I was afraid of getting her too sweaty (and with her I know its really easy)  Then rode Kali and we did just walk cause Linda brought the grey horse and was afraid he was gonna take off so we just walked quite a while till he was relaxed and then she trotted a few steps a couple times, it was good. 
( I was really trying to show the frost on her lips, but I wish I hadn't got so close
and cut her ears off cause its kinda cute, even more so when its bigger)

I hope to keep going down there, but next time I sure hope the wind isn't as bad!!  Temp of only -2 but super windy I was frozen and exhausted when I got in.  Then yesterday was -14 and I spent quite a bit of time outside, feeding cats, turning out Bailey and Kali, and taking pics, and when I come in it still wasn't that cold, but the big difference being wind.


lisa said...

Great pictures of the horses!

Cheyenne said...

Say Crystal! Good shots, your wasted! You should do more photography, your good!


Hi from Italy!
I love the first pictures!
keep in touch: www.iconadeironchi.blogspot.com
fb: www.facebook.com/IconaDeiRonchi

see you soon =)

Miss Kitty said...

Great pictures! Will be back :)

Shirley said...

Belle has a sweet face.
At least you had an arena to ride in to get out of the wind. One of the local ladies, where I hauled Chickory to train in her round pen is building an indoor arena this year- really looking forward to that as it's only about three miles away.

Ranch Saddle said...

These horses are quite camera shy. But they all look adorable.

fernvalley01 said...

the sweat spot might be an old injury. My old guy had a wound on his neck once , it healed without a scar , but always sweat there first