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Monday, January 30, 2012

Jessie's Home!

Yesterday I went over to Dougs with Charlene and met up with Jessie and her previous owner.  I paid for her, got her papers and she is now mine!  I rode her along with Char in a lesson, but I didnt work cows cause I wanna get her in better shape before she works so hard and dont want her to get injured.  I am pretty happy with her so far.  Last night it was dark when we got home and she just stepped out of the trailer and past the bale feeder Neil had set up in front of his shop and the bale for her and over 2 pipes on the ground and she never even looked around.  I let her loose in the corral and she just walked over to the water trough like she knew exactly where she was going.  I fed her and headed in for the night.

This morning I go out to do chores and as soon as I walk outside, she nickered, how cute that was.  She was a  little sad the other horses are so far away and probly pretty different from everywhere she has been before but she seems to be adjusting well.  So after lunch today I thought I had better take her for a ride since it was absolutly beautiful out.  So nice out I rode in a hoodie without a toque or gloves on and I was sweating!

I caught her easily and saddled her and of we walked out the yard no problem.  I was a little nervous but she just walked where ever I asked her to go.  I did ask her to trot for a short time but I was not relaxed so it was kinda awkward, but she never got upset so I was okay with that.  I am really bad at riding alone outside cause I get bored real easy.  In an arena I can always think of lots of things to do, but outside I just like to wander and visit unless there is actual work to do.

I even took a short video of her walking out there and I was not out very long, only about 30 minutes and even so I was pretty happy.  Although yesterday they said they want to see her skinnier next time I come so she is on a kinda diet and I am gonna have to ride a little more to get her in shape too, but for a first ride in a strange place I was really happy with it.

Tomorrow Char is going for another lesson and not sure if I will go with her or try to talk Susan into coming out here and so we can go riding together, if its as warm as this I would certanly not mind going out for longer.


lisa said...

That is great! Enjoy her.

Shirley said...

She strides out nice, and sounds like a good sensible horse. Boy, you have miles of prairie, I can see how it could get boring without someone to ride with.

fernvalley01 said...

Great! She sounds like a peach!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Sounds like you've got a winner. I love all that land stretching out in front of you.