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Thursday, July 28, 2016

July 2016 Trip Part 1

Neil's cousin's daughter was getting married and so of course we wanted to go and since we were going to Grimshaw anyways we figured we would make a trip out of it.  And that we did.  A couple years ago I found a list showing all the big things in Alberta ans so I kinda wanted to see them all.  2 years ago when we went to visit my aunt we saw a few like the Psanka (Easter Egg) in Vegreville, the Giant Bee at Falher, the beaver at Beaverlodge, and when my nephew was out we saw the geese in Hanna.  And we have seen a few others just not specifically looking for them, like all the dinosaurs in Drumheller, the potatoes in Vauxhall, the tall lady in Taber so figured it would be fun to get them all.  One day I may make my own list.
(the route we took, pink on the way up and yellow on the way home)

(my list of the big things in Alberta, actually have 2 pages, we are getting them checked off)

(Jaret and the goose in Hanna, lol that could be a band. 
 This one is at the Grey Goose resteraunt and we see it all the time )

(another goose at the airport in Hanna, I had never seen this one before)

(and the one just south of the Doll Museum (which I have never been to either))

We started going up the 36 and the first stop was Castor, they have a beaver and the town is french for Beaver, apperently that's where castor oil comes from a gland in beavers, who knew?  We go through Castor quite a bit on the way to see our cows up there but never stopped to see or take a picture of the beaver.
(me and the beaver, we had to look pretty close to make sure it was a beaver)

(the welcome to town sign.  
Supposedly this is new and they had another one at the post office 
but we went there and could not find it :( )

Then we were gonna go to Camrose but decided part way over we would just go north and so headed to Holden for lunch, never even heard of it but they had a homemade 5 cheese mac and cheese with bacon.  Mmm was so good!  And then we saw a tiny water tower it was cute and another lady and her kid takin pics by it, I guess they stopped cause the boys name was Holden, how fun.
(this is right in the middle of the main streets in town, kinda cool.)

(and the mini water tower, maybe our next tour should be the mini stuff)

Then on up to Mundare with a 42 foot sausage.  My FIL Lawerence told us if he lived in a town and they put that up he would move lol.  And now that I saw it I probly would too it was kinda creepy.  But I guess its an old sausage making place and super good, who knows we never tried the sausage but we did stop at the bakery next door and get cream puffs and watermelon kiwi water, so good.
(creepy creepy giant sausage that Neil is standing inside)

(Mundare water tower)


(Ukranian sign, 
we thought it was a grave until we saw the English side)

Then on up to Andrew and the giant Mallard duck, he was the cutest giant thing I have seen so far, looked like he was smiling :)  I really enjoyed him.  Also have an Ed Stelmach avenue there, I guess that's where he's from.
(sign for the duck)

(Neil in front of the duck)

(hes so happy close up)

(and they had the same water tower, only 2 we seen all trip)

(they also had a duck at the library, he was cool but not as cool as the other one)

We saw a sign for a Victoria Settlement, we had never heard of it but we stopped, was kinda heritage park/museum place, kinda neat
(map of where it was)

(Historic site marker)

(Neil at the historic site marker)

(and on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River)

(where there used to be a ferry,
 the lady was surprised when we told her we had a ferry near us too
 that was still in use.)

Then on to Smokey Lake and the giant pumpkins, they were super cool too.  I think it would be neat to go to the pumpkin festival in October where they weigh the heaviest pumpkins.  And the week after Andrew has a garlic festival, not sure what that's about lol but I like garlic so can't be bad.  We also toured the train station museum/tourist center next door.  We tried to visit a neighbor who moved up there but he was on his way out of town for work and his wife was visiting family so next time I guess, during pumpkin festival ;)

(7 pumpkins, I guess it started with one and just keeps growing)

(Neil behind one of them, 
hard to imagine a real pumpkin that big but I think they are close)

(Smoky Lake Train station that is now a museum)

(Neil driving the caboose)

(stone tower we creeped into the back alley to get a pic of)

(and the knight guarding the gate, hes backwards cause I did not go in the yard)

Then we headed to Westock where we spent the night, far enough for one day, not that many miles but much more fun than just driving straight through.  Wow we did a lot more than I thought, will have to sontinue tomorrow.

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Shirley said...

Well that's one way to make a long trip more fun! There some pretty neat things in those little towns.