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Sunday, July 31, 2016

July Trip 2016 Part 2

We met up withNeil's Mom and Dad in Westlock and had supper with them, they were taking their time travelling too they got spots they like to go and stop and so it works for them but nice to catch up and visit at supper and breakfast too.  In the morning, we went our own way as we wanted to make a little 10 minute side tour to Barrhead to see the blue heron.  They said they seen it before but never stopped at it.
(kinda cool, kinda not)

Then on to Swan Hills, we saw the swan protecting her nest from a bear.  Was different, made of numerous pieces of metal rather than looking lifelike, was unique.  We also met the inlaws for coffee at a small place that made cappuccino but it took 15 minutes, whew everyone else was done so I took it to go.
(thats a big bear!)

Then farther north past Kinuso and Neil had never been there but always wanted to so we drove thorugh was a lot of construction going on but now he's been there lol.  Then on to Peace River and up and down and up and down the hills to find 12 foot Davis.  He was at the top but they moved him cause he was being vandalized.  Glad we went up top though the view was amazing!  His gravesite is still up there and that was cool to see too.  On the way back down we saw a neat little trail so we stopped and there was a cairn of some guy who come to town way back when.  Neat to think that area was settled before ours was.

(so pretty,the only bridge across the river in town)

(the grave maker was a tree stump, different.  
Across the river can see the ski hill)

(this used to be a shortcut up the hill but 
I wouldn't want to travel it now)

Then into Grimshaw for the night, we stopped at the wedding site and visited a while, then we had supper and then I got a hot tub in and off to bed.  In the morning we stopped at Brownvale to see the bucking bull since it was only 10 minutes out of town, kinda funny its Mulroney on it.  I guess they built it for Expo 86 and he was Prime Minister so he got to be on it.  After Expo was over the town bought it as a tourist attraction.  Bit sad they were not open cause I guess it moves too.

Then the wedding, what a beautiful couple and a beautiful place.  Weather was perfect and so was the ceremony.  Then they had a dance after and it was so much fun. I'm not a dancer but I like watching others.  Another cousins kid had a 2 day old baby boy was she cute!  Glad we got to see her as well as they live up near there too.  What a photogenic couple, and so happy all the time.  I borrowed the sunset pic, they had a fantastic photographer took some amazing shots.

We stayed another night in Grimshaw and then headed up to visit a friend of Neil's in Fort St John who used to live in Hanna an moved up there a year and a half ago.  That was a good visit, super nice people and they love it up there.  We spent most of the day with them and stayed over in a brand new hotel, I think it was a business hotel but it was nice anyways.


fernvalley01 said...

Dang!I need to keep up more! I had no idea you were back in my neck of the woods again!

Shirley said...

Interesting story about 12 ft Davis. Goes to show, always check the facts you might get a surprise!
I love that sunset photo.
Looks like Mulrooney is about to get bucked off hahaha!