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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

July Trip Part 3

After the wedding we headed out to see friends of Neil's who moved up to Fort St John since its only a couple hours past but on the way we stopped to see the Dunvegin Bridge across the Peace River.   I had never been there and Neil was a kid last time he was there.  I didn't realize that there was a whole historic village there and so we spent a little time touring that too.

Then onto the friends and we had a couple beverages and they cooked us dinner.  Was really nice to be able to catch up, they are both really nice people.  We stayed over and in the morning headed on our way home.  No big things in that part of BC so we didn't have to stop anywhere except when we went through Pouce Coupe we saw a guy plowing with a metal draft horse so of course we stopped!  It was super cool but the guy was kinda creepy.
(Charlie Lake Memorial)

(they have a dam but I think only to preserve wetlands)

(Then on to Alberta!  Yay nice to be back :))

We went through Beaverlodge but did not stop to see the giant beaver cause we stopped last time and last time we saw they were building a dinosaur museum up there and it was open, just North of Grande Prairie so we stopped there cause Neil wanted to and it was neat, a lot smaller than Drumheller but very interactive and kinda neat.
(In the middle of the displays they had domes, 
didn't know what they were for 
until I saw the tunnels and a kid pop up in one)

(lots of areas where you could brush away the dirt to reveal bones)

(even talked about how dinosaurs were turned into oil and how drilling for oil works)

And then on to Grand Prairie where they have a Giant Swan.  And we stopped to see relatives again, nice to take a break from driving since we were going right through.

(ugh I hate putting my pic in but I did it)

Then we went a new way to us, south down to Grande Cache.  Sure is pretty country out there.  And we finally saw a bear!  I travel to bear country all the time and never see a bear so this time it took 5 days but we found one!  A black bear just standing at the tree line :)  And they have a giant Big Horn Sheep in Crande Cache since the highway is called Big Horn Sheep Highway from Grande Prairie to Grande Cache, even tho we never saw one.  Had supper in the mall at a tiny family place and had the best pizza I have ever had there would definitly go back there.

(after we left town we saw a bunch of theses Spirit houses,
 never heard of them before was kinda neat)

Then we travelled down to Hinton as we had originally planned to go down to Nordegg but it was getting late and we had no reservations, we looked for a hotel and they had only one for a ridiculous price so we changed our mind and headed over to Edson since its a good sized place and we figured should have a place to stay.  Was getting dark when we got there so just got a hotel and crashed.


fernvalley01 said...

what a wonderful trip!

Shirley said...

Wow you sure took in a lot of sights and scenes on this trip! Ted really likes Nordegg because of the mining history there. We lived halfway from there to Rocky Mountain House for 10 months in a tiny cabin. It was wonderful.