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Saturday, August 6, 2016

July Trip Part 4, We Made it Home!

Well since we got to Edson late the night before and just crashed, we were a bit slow moving in the morning but all was good.  We had breakfast and they have a big squirrel in town (maybe was part of the choice to go there...)  So we went to see it, he was kinda neat hes airbrushed so he looks quite realistic.

Then off on the way, we were driving down towards home, kinda east and then I realized we are going right by my aunts place, so I texted her and she answered and we decided to meet her for lunch at the golf course.  How nice to be able to see her again used to see her lots but not as much anymore.

(not on the list but Lucy the pelican was at the resteraunt)

Then we headed south from her place towards Rimby and then headed East again so we could check our cows on the way home.  Since we were going through Ponoka I made Neil stop at the western store.  Not as good as the one in Grande Prairie, I'm kinda kicking myself for not buying the diamond wool I saw up there but bit late now.  An iced coffee and we were on the way again.  We stopped to see the cows and there was 2 bulls with really bad footrot ugh what a pain we have no drugs with us of course so Neil had to go back the next day with 2 different ones and brought those 2 home to treat, they look way better already down here.

(pretty view from the park)

Then we had to go to the washroom so we stopped at the diplomat mine site and had to do the tour there even though we have seen it numerous times (its Neil's favorite stop) its still pretty amazing how big those diggers are, and they are smaller then the ones they use now.  And funny enough on the way out of there we saw the digger working.

Pretty much straight home from there, stopped in Castor for some milk and a watermelon (it was on sale lol) and a snack and then we got home just at dark, glanced at the ponies all was good so in the house to unpack.  We are home.

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TeresaA said...

What a fantastic trip. Those diggers are MASSIVE!