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Sunday, August 21, 2016

August at our Place

Been busy here still, summer is just that way, I get doing so much and forget to blog it all.  Of course I have hardly rode at all since July since the bugs have been so bad, have never seen so many mosquitoes in my whole life as I have this summer, the horses and cows (and me) are just miserable.  So I been spending my time inside doing stuff and its worked well the last 2 weeks with the Olympics on, it gave me an excuse to stay inside.

I been canning away, its a lot nicer to can when we have air conditioning, doesn't matter the outside temp its still decent in here.  First my Mom and Clint come out and they brought peaches and so we made peach jam, salsa and canned some as fruit.  Then I picked chokecherries and made syrup and I have 0 crapabbles on my tree and so I posted I was looking for fruit on Facebook and I got a message from a nice lady who has a bunch of fruit in her yard they just want picked cause they don't use it.  That was perfect, pears, plums and cherries.  There was a couple apples but they had hail a few weeks ago and it pretty well ruined them.  It it the other fruit but not as bad.  So I got a bunch from her and made cherries and cherry jelly so far, the plums are almost ripe now and the pears not sure.  I might go back in a couple weeks and pick some more ripe ones.
(Cherries and cherry jelly)


(my mom stirring peach jam)

(peach jam)

(chockecherry syrup)

(plums and pears)

While my mom was out we took a side tour to Dinosaur Park, I have never been there and so we did, it was pretty cool, sure is a view up top there.  of course my Mom was most interested in John Wares Cabin cause its log.  But the mosquitoes were out pretty bad there too which was too bad.  Then we headed to Patricia for supper and it was really good, even though we were not that hungry.
(my mom, we were bored Clint got lost lol)

(Clint and Neil taking one of many paths)

(haha I made Neil turn around under the dinosaur)

(Neil at the edge of a cliff)

(Clint over a undercut spot)

(John Ware's Cabin)

(cooking at the Patricia Steak Pit)

We had a stagette for the neighbor girl and we went floating down the river, I was pretty hesitant to go cause I never have and she borrowed me her kayak and it was so fun!  After a day there I thought I could be in the Olympics.....well at least I'd like to do it again, it was fun but I'm probly not that good.

We also worked the casino for the Ag Society and while we were in Medicine Hat we stopped at the Teepee and got some pics, I had never stopped there just seen it on the way by but its on my list and now its checked off.  They also said there was a giant moose in front of the Moose Lodge but they musta moved it or tore it down cause we sure couldn't find it.
(the big Teepee)

(it really is BIG!!)

And yesterday we headed to Fort Macleod to watch Neil's cousin and his daughter participate in a triathlon, they were so awesome!  It kinda made me wanna do it.  My swimming isnt that strong but I think if I swim over the winter a bit I could improve enough.  Last winter they had drop in swimming lessons and I might do a few of those as well.  Be funner if I could find someone to go with me tho.

And while we were there went to Lethbridge to visit and shop, and see the giant Wind Gauge, which is funny cause there wasn't even a tiny breeze that day and we coulda used one it was hot!  Then on to Taber which has the giant Corn and Lady.

(the carnival musta been travelling somewhere, I wanted to join in)

And now off on another adventure this week :)


TeresaA said...

YOu've been busy!
I love making jam and pickles. I've done my strawberry jam and made bread n butter pickles. The dills are done. I'd love to learn how to can fruit to use later.

Shirley said...

Lots going on for you this summer! I was at Dinosaur Park once in the 70's wouldn't mind seeing it again. I liked John Ware's cabin too.
Hope to see you on your next adventure!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Nice that you can escape the bugs. Our newscasters are telling us to not go outside without spraying mosquito repellent on any exposed skin, because the Zika virus is spreading. The thing is that when I go outside, it is rarely planned. I usually have to race outdoors to deal with a problem and there's no time to spray myself, plus I go out dozens of times a day to take the dogs outside and do barn chores, so I'd need a fresh new can of spray every other day.

lisa said...

You sure have been busy, I saw that wonderful ride with Shirley. Lucky you, I was a little lazy with the gardening this year. We didn't get one in and I am actually glad that I had a year off of doing a lot of canning. I will regret it this winter, but that is the way it goes I suppose. Your going to have a wonderful winter with all that good food!