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Thursday, September 1, 2016

To The Mountains

So we had planned a blogger ride out to my place this summer but with all the rain we had mosquitoes coming out of our ears.  Or maybe going in they were sooo terrible!  So instead I decided to go to Janice's while no one could decide what else to do.  I couldn't get a hold of my farrier as I wanted to take Jess but she needs shoes before we can go.  So instead I took Razz cause her feet are a little harder.  I left Friday and had looked and there was a bit of construction but not bad.  I was stopped about half hour in 2 different spots.  So I ate and took pictures, what else am I to do?
(fueling up in Pincher Creek)

(neat looking mountains)

(and a river, not sure which one, by Fernie somewhere)

Got there and got Razz all settled and we visited.  I don't know what it is about us but we seem to be behind all the time because we cant stop visiting.  So we never ended up going out riding that night but the next morning had plans to ride to the lake.  Pretty spot in there and there is some cows too :)  Of course as we got trailered to the spot I realized I had forgotten my boots.   But oh well I rode in my bright pink runners, sure not ideal but it worked.
(at the trailhead with my runners on)

(Razz is so cute!  And swat on her ears lol)

(I like the open trails)

Janices regular riding friend came along and so that was fun too.  Always nice to ride with people who have good horses.  And she knew some trails too so that was good.  We rode the lake again on Sunday but took a different route.
(Laughing at something while resting and letting the horses graze)

(cool trail up and down that no one wanted to take)

(just riding :) )

(we got back and Janice's dog jumped in the trailer and wouldn't get out, goofball.)

Monday Shirley came out and we went out to some ranch road....I would totally get lost out there lol I wasn't paying much attention to direction even when I drove I just did as I was told.  It was a longer day and it was sure hot, we shoulda started earlier but was sure beautiful out there so it was worth it.
(Shirley brought bandannas for us all so I wore mine on my head)

(Pretty scenery we needed a group picture)

(and another one, almost all matching)

(me by a cool sign)

(really pretty up at the top)

(over my shoulder view)

Then on Tuesday Razz had a bit of a cinch sore and I didn't want to ride her and make it worse so Colleen let me borrow her little horse.  He was perfect.  Hes for sale but before that shes going on a big trip with him and wants him in shape and so it worked well for both of us.  He was even short :)   We did the lake again and Janice rode Jazz and she was so good....and pretty.
(Me and Cisco, he looks good in pink lol)

(hanging out in the back)

(I loved this trail in the trees)

(pretty boy)

Headed home on Wednesday and had a wonderful trip so glad I went out there but was exhausting I need a day of rest lol.


Shirley said...

At least I made it for one of the days!
That river by Fernie is the Elk River.
I'n glad you enjoyed some bug free riding in our beautiful neck of the woods! It was sure good to see you again.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

It's so nice to get out and ride with friends. Beautiful country.

lisa said...

It looks like a wonderful ride! I hope to get to that point soon, with my own horse! That was nice of Shirley!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

looks wonderful! Hope I can make it next time!