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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Weekend Plans Start with a Clinic

Last Thursday night I was asked if I wanted to be in a clinic over the weekend, well I was busy Sunday so I said if I can only go Saturday I sure would.  I like his clinics they are fun, we do all sorts of things and he makes everyone feel good :)  So as I was looking online for him and I never found it lol but I did come across the girl who bought my grey Princess horse.  She still has her and they look good together so I stole some photos off Facebook of her.

Anyways back to the clinic I took Jessie cause shes always good and I like to work on me, I'm tired of working on the horse and I need to improve.  So away we go.  He has a few things in mind but asks us what we all want to work on, there was a few things and so he worked them in.  We started with crazy riding, just going all over working on steering exactly where you want.  Then we set up cones and loped circles at the same speed making an even circle.  I had a little trouble, Jess kept slowing down as we approached the crowd so I had to pay more attention.  Then we put the cones in a row and 2 barrels at the end and we weaved through them steering with only one hand.  I never thought of it but as we come away from the second barrel she just booted it home, lol I had to slow her down and make her go back through the cones.  Been a long time since we barrel raced but I guess she still remembers.  We did it a few more times and made wider circles and she slowed right down.

Then he put a half full bucket of water on barrel and we had to carry it from one to the next, she had no trouble with them she wanted to stick her nose in in thought it was food I guess lol.    Then we sidepassed over logs and carried a raincoat around and then stepped on it, I didn't think she would but sure enough.  Of course I sometimes feel like I can cheat with her cause its so easy to move her shoulders if I do it at the right time she has to.  of course sometimes I think she just does it to get it over with so she can stand.  Then lunch time.

After lunch we opened and closed the gate and walked over the bridge and then we got to jump!  Jess isn't much of a jumper but we did jump over it a couple times.  It was set pretty low so they could make it over without jumping.  Then we went into the indoor and we got to work cows :)  I got to go first and Jess was pretty well right on.  Yay I was super excited for her cause its been a really long time since we done that and I might borrow her out for a few lessons this fall so a neighbor can try cutting.

That was all for the day, whew I was tired but it was so good, wish I coulda made it back for a second day, but we are gonna set up a smaller clinic with just us and take a couple horses each and see what we can work on cause we are all at the same level.  He has a ladies night there as well might try to join that have to see what winter brings.  I do want to ride Jessie and Dee and hopefully get Trio going as well.


TeresaA said...

It sounds like a fun experience!

Shirley said...

Sounds fun! Who was teaching?

4RRanch said...

Clinics are always fun. Wish we had more around here. It's nice sometimes to get out and do something other than trail ride or show.