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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

And Then Sunday/Monday

After the clinic I went home turned out Jess and unhooked my trailer.  It was dark so I quit.  I had plans to get up early in the morning and go to Calgary to pick up my sister.  I got up at 4 and out the door shortly afterwards.  Picked up Heidi and headed back to Drum.  Been half a day already and was only 8!  But we picked up our race packages for the Drum Half Marathon and then hung around to until it was our time to start.

Weirdly enough we wore matching blue shirts and both put our green race shirt on top, we were thinking it was cool we matched, might do it again next year.  Finally they did the warmups for our race and since we knew we were walking the whole thing we stayed at the back.  Was a good day for it, was raining earlier that morning but it quit by the time we got there.  Was a bit cool but nice temperature to walk in.

(too bad the pole was in front of Heidi's face the scenery is sure pretty)

(not us but thought it was cute with the giant dino 
in the background as on our shirt hes chasing us )

We walked not too fast but not too slow, Heidi's ankles hurt if she goes too fast and my broken toe wasn't so great if we walked at all but I tried to save it a bit and it wasn't too bad afterwards.  We finished in 1:56:02.  Not bad, I didn't think we would do under 2 hours so was happy with that.  Got our medal and a pic with the dinosaur and then they had mini donuts.....for free!!!!  MMM  who can argue with that???  We stuck around a bit and visited with a few people and then headed back to Calgary but we made a couple stops on the way.

First was at Beiseker to see the giant Skunk, I had seen him before but never took a pic so it was perfect.  Heidi didn't have any giant things off her list now she has a few :)

Then down the road a few miles to Irricana, where they have a giant horse.  Of course we also saw a Unicorn which I had no idea was there.  I had to save Heidi from him he was gonna stomp her!

Then we drove over to Airdrie where they have a cowboy with real clothes on, a rooster, a bull and Maters cousin.  That was fun.

Then off to Calgary to make crabapple jelly and butter.  We never finished that night had to finish up in the morning cause we were just too tired.

 Long weekend but it was a lot of fun.  I came home Monday afternoon and just rested I was tired!

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Shirley said...

Lots more big stuff to cross off your list! That truck is hilarious.
I think I'm done canning for this year except for pickled carrots, need to round up some jars, I used all mine. I keep giving them away at Christmas and don't get them back.