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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Dinosaur Park Again, Biking This Time

So I had never been to Dinosaur Park since I was a child and now I went twice this summer.  Never planned to go again but on the long weekend I saw a post they were allowing you to walk or bike on the Nature Preserve Trail.  Normally you don't get to go on that trail unless you work there or on a bus tour.  So I figured it was worth it to go on.  And it was.  Neil suggested we biked so biking it was.

When we got there the park staff suggested we go left on the loop and I'm glad she did.  It was gravel and kinda hilly, but the biggest hill was on the right and we got to coast down it.
(not 5 minutes in Neil sees someone he knows)

(Admiring the view while stopping for water)

(I think these are cool)

(another water break)

(and I got him to take my picture)

(pretty high cliffs in some spots)

(nice road to travel on, a lot of big gravel which was a challenge)

(the scenery is just cool!)

(a ferry type boat the lived on and got to the park with, its new this summer)

(so Neil rowed it)

(a rib fossil they left partially burried)

a trial for lifting crates onto boats, cars now)

(the cube rock was pretty cool)

(and Neil again waiting for me to take more pictures)

Took us an hour 20 ish.  And I was a little tired, had to walk up some hills but makes me feel like the rode from Banff to Canmore is totally doable.  Yay!  Since that's coming up this weekend!  Yikes.


TeresaA said...

This place is on my list- what a beautiful spot

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Looks like a pleasant and interesting ride. Gorgeous scenery.

Crystal said...

TeresaA if you ever go, let me know I will tour you around :)

4RRanch said...

I've always loved dinosaurs. If I lived that close I'd probably be there everyday.