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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Weaver Sale

I have always wanted a Weaver Horse. Why?  I dunno.  Ever since I got into horses I have wanted them, they intrigued me being breeders for so long, well liked and good looking horses in pictures.  Well we were planning to go to Great Falls and so just on the off chance I mentioned to Neil we should go on the weekend so I could go to the horse sale, surprisingly he agreed!  He wanted to go during the week but somehow he was agreeable I was kinda surprised, well actually shocked!  But I wasn't gonna say anything just made it like it was no big deal.

We went down on Friday morning and Neil had a package at the border storage place so we picked it up and then on the way.  I got him to book in one of the hotels from the sale and so we got a good deal on them as well.  I think 144 for 2 nights thought that was a good deal!  Anyways sale started at 1 on Saturday so we headed down about noon and had a look around.  Am even more impressed how identical the colts are.  Amazing how 70 head of foals can be so similar, that is not an easy feat, that's what we aim for in our cattle too but there are always a few groups of different sizes.
(My pick, Weavers Busy Girl, sold for 4000)

(Neil's Pick, TS Strawberry Shaker sold for 2600)

(High Seller, TS Shakers Dashing for 8750)

(another of my picks,  Weavers Busy Miss, 7750)

(another on my list, lot 11, Weavers Genuine Kat, sold for 2000, they also sold the mare who is out of high brow cat for 5500, 15 years old and bred the same way)

(not on my list but this mare, Weavers Rodeo Cowgirl sold for 5000
 and her filly sold for 2500, I just love how the foal looks exactly like the mare, 
we know how shes gonna look full grown.

(Another not on my list but this little buckskin Filly was pretty nice, 
she sold for 1600, Weavers Royal Leigh)

(this cold, Weavers Smooth Light, again not on my list but he was such a 
pretty dark chestnut color and shiney really nice, he sold for 1900)

(and another not on my list I really liked, He was Weavers Cowboy Doc, 
sold for 1500, I also really liked the mare, 
Docs Ooh La, a daughter of Docs Sug, she was nice she sold for 2500)

(This is the broodmare I liked, shes broke, super quiet, 14, 
and she turrned up open she sold for 2700, sure was hard to sit on my hands,
 her colt Weaver Star Gem was pretty nice too, he sold for 2100.)

(this 2 year old from Treasure State, TS Sparkley Perks, she really impressed me, first shes pretty that never hurts and they got off a horse in the ring grabbed her, saddled her behind the announcers booth and then climbed on her and rode in the ring, so fuss, so warming up just go to work.  I coulda taken her home in a second as well, she sold for 3750, a bargain for how quiet she was)

  Lot 7 another buckskin filly, Weavers Pretty MsGem, was on my list and I never got her pic, she sold for 2900.  I also liked lot 54,  Weavers Josie Lena, she sold for 1100 I think cause she was small, but I like small not a issue here. They sold her Mom, Josie San Freckles for 5500, bred the same way, it amazed me broodmares were selling so high.  I think lot 48, Weavers Star N Boon was the buy of the sale, a plain colored sorrel colt but pretty sold for 1200 no idea why I liked him.  Also on my list but no pics were number 42, Weavers Star Peppy, a red roan filly she sold for 1500.  And lot 73 Weavers French Call, and I have no price written down for her Im not sure she was there I dont see her on the sale order list.

Neil stayed for a bit of the sale he got bored after about half hour and left to go to the sports store across the street then have a nap in the hotel room.  Neil likes the roans, specially the red roans, he really liked 98 one of the Treasure State horses.  My favorite horse of the sale was lot 1, she sold for 4000 little more than I wanna spend but she was nice.  There were a few others I really liked and they were in the 12-1400 price range and that is manageable.  Good.  I was not even sure what they would sell for but I am happy with those prices.  They sell with the Treasure State Quarter Horses and they are mostly barrel horses but they have some really nice horses and they seemed super quiet in there, some even sleeping as they were waiting to go in the ring.  They had the high selling Weanling at 8750.  He was pretty nice, I think they must be using him as a stud prospect but take a bit to earn that money back out of him.

I had made a list of horses I liked before I went and haha of course forgot it at home.  But wrote all the prices down so I could check when i got home who they were.  And I liked one broodmare and she was broke and I really liked her but I thought it was too bad she was bred back and then at the sale they said she was open, was pretty hard to sit on my hands for that one!  All in all a good day, I am even more interested in getting one now, I am in the progress of making a long term plan of horses it needs a little outside help but Im working on something.


Cindy D. said...

Nice looking horses, pretty fair prices too!

Shirley said...

Envious of you going there! It's on my list too! They have really nice horses.