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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Harvesting and Putting it Up

This year was a good year for me and not so much in my garden except for the crabapple tree, but I got lots of peaches and my sister and I went down to the Heritage Park annual harvest sale.  They put it on every year, the fruit and veggies are donated and sold at a low price and all the money goes to charity.  It it a good deal for the buyers, and its getting towards the end of the year so the growers wanna get rid of stuff as well.  Not all local stuff, after all I got coconuts and bananas but whatever.

 So I been making jams and jellies and salsas and juices and its been fun but exhausting and I am giving a bunch of it away but turns out I still got a little carried away (again)  I ended up with 12 jars Saskatoon Jam, 17 jars crabapple Jelly (of which a bunch is going to my cousin cause its her kids favorite), 10 salsa, 7 jars tomatoes, 7 jars Rhubarb Raspberry Jam (which are going to a friend cause her and her daughter need them), 7 Crabapple juice, 4 Peach Salsa (which is going to my Mom who cant east tomatoes), 7 jars peaches, and 7 jars Crabapple butter.

I think we are more than enough set up for winter, lol


Haddock said...

Wow.... if it was not for the distance I would have grabbed some of those bottles.

Shirley said...

Nothing like enjoying the fruits of your labours on a cold winter day!