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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Odds and Ends

We had a lot of mosquitoes this summer, the horses were miserable, staying in the worked up ground in the shade and Jess all covered in fly sheet and mask and still got irritated with bugs.

And the cows just stuck all bunched up.  Finally they forecasted snow and freezing temps, was kinda early but I was so tired of mosquitoes it was kinda wanted...not snow just a frost then it could go back to being warm again.  Well the day came and luckily even though being miserable and cold, we never got a killing frost and only rain.  I expected it to turn to snow overnight but we only had a skiff in the morning, whew!  But it did kill a bunch of mosquitoes probly from drowning them, lol.

Well it went away and the temps got super warm again that was nice but rather unexpected!  I headed to Calgary a couple days later to get a bike from the rental place next to my sisters store that sells all their rental bikes and water skis and whatever other summer stuff.  I got a really nice bike I am super excited about it, but they still had snow in Calgary but it was warm so I even went for a ride to try it out.

But on the way home I had a look at all the crops, what a mess, I feel for them farmers it just looked all trashed, gonna be pretty hard to get some of them off.

We finally got our water fixed from no shower all summer (at least the toilet and sink worked)  But we been heading down to Emerson Campground to shower and they were closing up for the season, which was good it was getting too cold to go right outside after a shower.  Wasn't all bad, lots of times we headed to Brooks for supper afterwards and one day we saw Cookie Monster in the Tim Horton's drive thru, lol

Other than that been riding and amazed at how green the grass is this late in the year.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Love the bike. Can I borrow it?

4RRanch said...

What, no shower all summer. Glad you won't be having to drive to the camp grounds anymore.

4RRanch said...
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Shirley said...

I use a smudge pot when the skeeters are bad- just half a 45 gallon steel drum cut in half, filled with straw and wet bedding. It works great, the horses will stand right over the smoke. Burns for quite a while too.