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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Threshing Day

Well if you made it through that whole last post I applaud you, it was a bit much for one day, lol but I didn't wanna make a whole pile of posts even though I coulda talked on and on and on about it....now onto a more reasonable length one, lol.
So since I love the drafts but have no team of my own I have to take in them whenever I can.  And since old time horse stuff I love, this threshing day was just perfect for me.  It was down at Alberta Carriage Supply again and they had planted 4 acres of barley and the week before they cut and binded it.  I missed out on that, maybe next year I can get in on that part too.  But it was all stooked and ready to be loaded.  That was mine and all us other grunts work, lol.  Actually wasn't that bad.

Then the horses took the loaded wagons back to the thresher and threw it on and we had grain!

They had 3 teams, Nelly and Shelly, the white greys, a lighter leggier Percheron team and a Belgian team, the light team had to be held at the thresher, they didn't want any part of that noisy contraption even though they do it every year.

Lots of help as well, 3 different kinds of wagons, one was a little fancy to be doing farming but he said it was OK and then the one that had to be loaded at the back and the one with a low middle, the best for this job and it held twice as much as the other wagons.

Once the grain wagon got full, they hitched the light team but they wouldn't pull together so couldn't move it, so the Belgians pulled it, but it was a hard start but they got it.

It took a little over 3 hours and we filled the grain wagon and a mini bag in the back of a pickup, they figured about 125 bushels.  Pretty cool I'd like to do that but I have no crew.


fernvalley01 said...

Wonderful to see the teams at work

lisa said...

Now that is something the hubby and I both would love to see! He likes the threshing and I like the teams working! Just great.

CDH said...

That is great! That last pic is awesome! The power those horses have.

Shirley said...

I have fond memories of watching a team of blacks pulling a hay wagon as my dad and other local men helped a farmer get his hay in at a dairy farm.
Love that last photo! Real horse power!