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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Wow 2019

Where has the year gone, I cant believe my last post was a year ago!  And so much happened last year too.  Lets see if I can make a short summery.

Horses.  Didn't sell any, had 2 new ones born, Dixon out of Jess and Watson out of Nita. Unfortunately Watson died at a month old from I don't know what.  That was sad, I was really excited for my Hezgonnabefamous horse.  But I still got my cutter to be and since I had no one to wean him with ended up with another colt, ranch bred, a 3/4 brother to a colt I raised in 2010, Jamaica.  He is such a nice horse, so confident and comfortable in himself its just odd but I love it.  He will be a good fit in around here too, since my other 2 ranch horses are 13 and 14 now, I dunno how that happened.
(Dixon the day after he was born)

(Watson, a couple days old)

(Huck, the day he was halter broke, 
after he was caught he acted like it was old hat and the kids loved him)

Rode very little, 10 maybe 12 times this year because of my back and my knee.  Not impressed with that but I am working my way back up this year.

Making some decisions on what to do with Easy, was planning on showing this summer but with my back the way it is I'm not sure I can and talked to my trainer today and he asked if I wanted to sell him, I never even thought of it but it would kinda make sense and he said he could probly sell him for what I paid without anyone even trying hom.  tempting, I really like him but since I cant haul him alone or ride out on him if I cant cut he would be an arena horse and I do not need that, I can ride any of my other horses in an arena if i wanted.  So now to decide what to do.  It would be nice to save that for Dixon's training but it would be nice to show and get some experience doing that too.  Of course if I do get better there will always be more horses for sale. 

Crochet-- Well since I didn't do much horse stuff this year I did a lot of crochet.  I am really enjoying it and even getting a few orders in, that's great, I can pay for my hobby :)
(Neil's blanket)

Travel--We headed to Mazatlan in March for a relatives wedding that was so cool, I had a great time, trying to talk Neil into going again this year but its not happened yet, he wants Vegas, Id rather a beach but if that's the only option i will take it.
(from our balcony)

Painting-- I have continued with paint class am really enjoying it, and I made a good picture finally!  not a decent one but its actually good, and weirdly it was a spur of the moment picture to do.
(the red truck)

More Horses--Got a chance to go photo wild horses with a friend, that was really cool they were quite calm and stuck around a long time, kinda boring no play going on but that's OK it was still pretty cool.  Id like to go again in the spring time maybe.
(they got spooked and run in a big circle and were coming towards us)

Have a lot of plans for this year too, so excited for it to get going, said as I sit in bed with a sore back, ugh.  But Chiro tomorrow and hopefully onwards and upwards from there.


Shirley said...

I sure hope you manage to get your back better. It sucks not being able to ride when you have all those nice horses!
Huck is really cute, so is Dixon. Will you breed Jess again or just ride her this year?

gtyyup said...

Great summary of your 2018...on FB, I didn't even realize you lost the colt...sooooo sad! Do you know what is causing your back issues? Cheers to a better 2019!

4RRanch said...

Glad your back. Sad about your colt, losses are always difficult. Hope you have a better back in 2019. Nice wild horse picture.