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Friday, January 12, 2018

OOH My Aching Back

Well started on my log pillows, probly would be done except I run out of wool.  The pattern said one ball of natural but I was suspicious when it said 3 balls make a scarf, hmm and one will make a pillow?  Well I got about 12 inches and they want 17 to cover the pillow form so I will add more wool when I can find some.  The Fields in Hanna usually carries it but they were out from Christmas haven't restocked yet. 
(double crochet with single crochet edge, I really like this one)

(half double crochet in ecru and then the spirals from the end of the log, 
figured I should practice a pattern so I made a couple coasters)

(my logs, the reason I learned to crochet)

(this made me think of a bowl, so much so I wanna make bowls
 but I also found a cool basket that I might do too)

(not quite long enough :( )

I also have some baby yarn that I have no idea where it came from.  Neil says I won it in a poker game lol.  But I asked my mom and she thinks 2 balls will make a baby blanket so since a neighbor is having a baby in April I will make one for her. 
(its super soft, I wish I had enough for a blanket for me)

Started paint classes again, this time we get to pick a picture we wanna paint and she will help us through it while also working on a couple other projects like the parrot this week and we are also gonna do a self portrait.
(mines the third one,
 I love the palms
 I don't think mine would look like that but I need some kind of background)

And it sounds like I am gonna have a lot more time to crochet in the next few weeks and my chiro is pretty sure I injured a disc.  He kinda thought last time but now he says its healing way slower than a joint/muscle should so he thinks its a disc.  Which he said heal fine 98% of the time they just take a long time.  Not what I wanted to hear but I guess not much I can do about it except rest and heat and small easy activity. 
(my Chiro gave me this card for this guy he's really good at picking out your weak spots and strengthening them, 
I think I will call him but not for a while as I need to heal first)

I went swimming Monday and that felt really good, better if the hot tub was working but still nice to float with no weight on the spine.  They have renovated the pool and now its deep almost all over cause they built a toddler area (that noone was using while we were there).  I wish they woulda left 2 lanes shallo so we could walk still that was great back therapy.  We used water belts but they just are not the same.  Might have to actually swim when I can.
(its cold out but at least its pretty)

(view out the bedroom window, I love those bushes/trees)


TeresaA said...

I am sorry about your back! That sounds painful. I hope you get it sorted in time for spring.

Shirley said...

You are sure finding ways to keep busy while you recuperate. I used to crochet many years ago, I made baby clothes and baby blankets too. It was fun.
Hope you get all better in time for riding season!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Nice job. I love the idea of winning yarn in a poker game. I have a lot of random stuff around my house that I suspect I'll never get a chance to use, so maybe I should take up gambling. I hope your back feels better soon.

Mrs Shoes said...

That sucks about your back! Hope it heals well so you can get back to normal.
Those logs look pretty cool - my mom used to crochet little teacups & saucers (one piece) out of thread. She made a ton of them in a hundred colours or so to give away with candy as my wedding favours - people loved them.