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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Man, its winter again, and its kinda weird to be writing in the daytime since it seems like I'm always writing in the middle of the night.
Yesterday was such a busy day, I was exhausted when i finally got home. I had a haircut in Hanna at 9, so I left home just after 8 and then did a little shopping there then went to Drum to get some pictures developed. I then went to ride and found out Lu wasn't coming cause she had to finish up some shopping and had coffee with Susan. That was good cause I was making her a set of reins out of an old rope and i measured wrong and it turned out only 9 feet, too short for her horse, but perfect for Bailey. So I had coffee there and then Barb shows up to ride. I rode Razz (and forgot my camera to take a pic of her in the hackmore) and Barb rode Sid and my instructor rode Princess. I asked her to ride her a few times and maybe she would have better luck getting her into a lope. She injured her shoulder and its been so cold she hasn't gotten to it yet, but she asked if I was gonna ride Princess later and I said no, so she did. It was good, she had to really work hard but she finally got a canter after a few kicks and crow hops (nothing serious--that would take too much energy!)
It was a good ride and Razz is getting better and better every time I ride her in the hackmore, I think she really likes it, I just gotta get enough courage now to lope her, I think if i ride by myself and feel confident, next lesson I will try to lope. I have been afraid to ride her when no one is around because i worry and she gets fast and outta control. She has never tried anything bad so I know its all in my head, but if I get over riding alone, I'm sure i can lope and we will just progress like crazy for the next month then I guess i will have to give her time off, even though its going so good.
After riding I was meeting Neil in town for supper at |Boston Pizza, that was really good then we did a little shopping and finally picked up our new all fridge and a small chest freezer, and got them in the basement today.

I went out to check the horses again this morning because when I was out there the other day, I though Belle looked really big and shes not due till Mid May and I was getting a little worried for her that's still 5 months away! I talked to Jardi about it and she was worried about twins, cause theres been a few around in the last few years and they aren't good and shes a little mare, maybe 14.1 and like 900 pounds. Well after today, I don't think shes quite as big, just bigger than I have ever seen her before, no doubt she is in foal, cause shes never been very fat and now she is

and a side view

Well off to go fill up the new freezer, I think Neil is bringing in the meat now, probly wont ride over Christmas, but we will have to see, I would like to get out though.

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Shirley said...

Love how Canadian girls ride no matter what the weather....Sounds like you're doing good with Razz.
Merry Christmas to you and your family!