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Friday, December 18, 2009

Dec 18, 2009

Hello again

Well Shirley I took your advice and tried the hackamore on Razz today and was kinda expecting not too much because she hasn't been stopping real great, but she took to it like a duck to water. I got on and she was a little confused but I asked her to bend left and right and that was okay then we walked a few steps and asked for a stop and she braced, but her head never went up or anything, so i was felling pretty good and we went into a trot and asked for a stop and it was actually kinda soft. I was so impressed I had to try it a few more times and she just kept getting better. My trainer/instructor came in and asked how she was and I said fabulous and she never believed me but after a few stops she was pretty impressed. So I guess it'll be the hackmore till I quit riding her this spring. Shes gaining quite a bit of weight, I had to undo the back cinch 2 holes today! I don't think its all baby either.

I asked my trainer to ride Princess a few times for me to see if she could get her to lope, maybe i was doing something wrong or who knows, and the other day, she had her ready to go and went to put the saddle on another horse and pulled some muscles in her bad shoulder, so that was the end of her riding for a few weeks, so I never rode today because we had to go to dinner.

I went out to see the outside horses yesterday to make sure they are doing alright and they are fat and furry, no worse for the wear from the cold.

On a side note, we went for a Christmas dinner today at some friends house, I think the best part of Christmas is visiting with friends and family. I got them a Cowboy night before Christmas story and they gave me a western photo album, sow i need to fill it with some pictures.


Shirley said...

I'm so glad the hackamore worked- when they don't feel pain they are much more willing. How old is this mare?
I had a mare that didn't want to lope much. That all changed when I gave her a fob to do, we went moving cows and had to catch a few bunch quitters and she really came to life - it gave her a reason to move out. She didn't like loping in an arena, but outside was a different story. This was a big mare, and your Princess looks like a big mare too.

Shirley said...

LOL- that should read "I gave her a job to do"!

Crystal said...

lol, she's 6 and not real big, maybe 15 hands, and I don't think she's ever had to work. I just got her in nov in a trade and was told she was rode by a cowboy, but I'm thinking all he did was walk and trot everywhere. The only good thing is she is completly safe and non spooky, so I can take not loping for that!