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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dec 30, 2009

Hello again, I haven't been writing in a while, I forget sometimes to write my own blog, while still keeping reading up on everyone elses.

Christmas was a busy time again this year, on Christmas Eve we went to my moms house in Olds (2 hours) and had dinner with the family, all 16 of us and then stayed over. We opened presents from mom that evening and stockings in the morning. On Christmas day, everyone else went to Calgary for Christmas at my Grandpas, but we cam home to do chores then got to Neils mom and dads house in Brooks (1 hour) and we went out to the community supper. This seemed so wrong to me that all 5 of us show up at a free supper for homeless or old people, kinda like we were to lazy to cook supper, but the food was excellent anyhow. Then we went home that night and I went boxing day shopping in Calgary (2 hours) for 13 hours, boy were me and my sister tired that evening. I stayed over in Calgary and on Sunday stopped in at my grandpas to visit with him. On Monday we went down to Brooks again and had Chinese food with Neils aunt Vicky and uncle Elvio who just got back from BC.

I went riding on Tuesday and had an awesome ride on Razz. She is getting very fat and I think there will only be a few more rides for her this year. I cantered on her and she was excellent about it. The first time to the right, I kicked her a little too hard and scared her and she went flying around, but never acted up or anything, we went 3 trips around the arena and she didn't want to stop, but she did eventually. To the left, she was more controlled and we did a nice slow couple of rounds then she stopped real nice. I sometimes forget how sensitive she can be and I am having a hard time keeping my legs off her cause her belly is so round.

Jardi put another ride on Princess on Tuesday and she is getting better, never had to use a crop this time, but still alot of work to get her to keep moving. She totally reminds me of a pony, the other day in the barn she wouldn't move over and we poked her belly with a brush handle and she just stood there looking at us! Shes so funny, but can be very frustrating as well. Good thing she has a good temperament and likes people so much, it makes us overlook her faults.

I have been working on making some new years lists, I make a one year a three year and a ten year list so I have goals to look forward too, not quite finished yet, but they will be up here soon.

I feel kinda bad for our dogs, some days we go outside and they look so cold, but they seem to really like the outdoors, they don't even use the doghouses or the heated shop, except on really cold windy nights. When its foggy in the mornings, they come up with frost on them and look so cute. Here's Betty-Sue:

and Lady or we call her puppy dog mostly:
She is so adorable and bouncy, she gets so excited when we go outside, even if its like 10 times an hour, lol. I never wanted a puppy when they came and delivered her, but I cant imagine not having her here now.

Well Happy New year everyone and have a great 2010!!


Shirley said...

Sounds like you had a good family Christmas; and you're pretty brave to shop Boxing Day in Calgary. I did that last year- nutso!
Is that your indoor arena that you were riding Razz in?

Crystal said...

Hi Shirley
Its an indoor arena where I board a couple of my horses in the winter, just so I can ride, we have no barn or arena at home.