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Friday, December 11, 2009

Decisions Decisions

Well today it was -15 and I braved the cold weather and went riding. I rode Princess and have tried again to get her to lope, and all we can get is maybe one lap around the arena. She doesn't even work hard enough to sweat after 45 minutes of work! I am thinking I need to sell her to a child or an adult as a walk trot horse for trail or pleasure riding only cause she sure excels at that!

I was too cold and so I wimped out and never rode Razz. I also don't know if i should be riding her now. She has bad teeth that have been bothering her for a while, and she is chewing on the bit pretty bad every time I ride. We had her to the vet and he doesn't want to sedate her to do her teeth because shes bred so either I don't ride her anymore till she foals, which will probably mean till next fall after her baby is weaned or just ignore it and ride her anyways till march. I really wanted to get a few more months on her before giving her 8 months off. I am not sure if i should try her in a hackamore or side pull and that may make a difference.

We finally got a hot water heater installed yesterday and went a picked up a freezer today, unfortunately our furnace cant keep up so its ccccold in here tonight, but tomorrow we are getting a new furnace (I hope he comes early). The only good thing about that is we are getting an air conditioner as well, although its not included in the replacement cost, but for an extra $400, its worth it in the summers.

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Shirley said...

Hi Crystal, thanks for stopping by my blog. And welcome to the world of blogging; you are going to be in touch with some wonderful people in and beyond the horse world.
The trail ride for next year is going to be a lot of fun; we'll update on my blog as things progress as to location, date, etc.
Just a suggestion with Razz, if you are comfortable using a bosal it would be the way to go, and give the poor girl some relief while allowing you to keep her attention on you instead of her discomfort.