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Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Need a tropical island!

This is what our windows look like from cold and humidity

Wow I sure miss summer. Its now -28 and it warmed up all the way to -24 this afternoon. Fortunately they are saying on Wednesday we get above freezing (I'm not sure i believe it yet)

We got our new freezer and its already full, we figured it wouldn't hold as much as the chest freezer and we still have 2 boxes of fruit and some hamburger left over. I guess we have to get the small chest freezer as well. We also ordered a fridge but it wont be in till the 22nd. It is kinda cool cause it has no freezer in it, only fridge all the way to the top, which will be perfect cause all we use it for is pop and drugs for cattle and horses.

I have figured out the problems with having a palomino paint horse, I lost him today because he blends in with the snow and dead grass in the field.


Shirley said...

Hope you get out of the deep freeze(the weather one that is!)soon! You might want to check out the blog Just Another Day on the Prairie (link on my blog)- not too far from where you are. Stay warm!

lisa said...

We have a chest and an up right freezer and I like the chest better because it does fit more but the down side is you have to dig for things you want!

CheekyMare said...

LOL and here I live in the tropics and am wishing for colder weather as I curse the mud quagmires that I laughingly call paddocks.

Never a happy medium.

Glad you're getting the flooded basement fixed up so quick.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your visit and comments - it's nice to discover your blog! I have a chest freezer that I should make better use of.

Crystal said...

Thanks Shirley, I already read Linda's blog, and its a great one