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Monday, July 27, 2015

Travelling Home

On the Monday we decided to leave early to make it across the border before it closed at 11 pm.  So all was well we did our class and watched a bit of the H1 then got everything ready and loaded and Shirley got us a milkshake at Dairy Queen cause it was so hot and off we went.  Everything went well until we got to the Columbia River.  Its a big valley we go down one side across a long bridge and then up the other side.  Well as we got to it traffic was slowing and we couldn't see anything  until we got to the bottom and they closed the I90 going East because of a fire.  Ugh, they had a detour some were taking and some were just waiting for it to reopen.  We decided to go cause it was 38* down there and I had Razz, way too hot to stand around in a trailer.  Well up this other road and it was kinda slow but then at the detour most people turned back and we decided to keep going, it was a nice road and not so busy.  I actually enjoyed that road got to see a lot more country side then you do travelling on the interstate.  it was only a bit farther so totally worth it.  We stopped for fuel and then for food and then home.  At the border I gave the guy all my papers and he said I never got one signed by the US guy on the way down.  I did give him them and I didn't know he was supposed to sign.  He said he could send me back 2 hours to the vet cause of that.  Yikes!  I just agreed to everything he told me and he kept all my papers (which I woulda liked the coggins back but I wasn't gonna argue) and let me go.  Whew.  Got back to Shirley's and Razz all settled in for the night.
(The Columbia River)

(the start of the traffic)

(another river view, easy to get pics when stopped in traffic)

(ugh so hot)

(a weird dairy feedlot?  dairy cows as far as you could see)

(crops are already combined there, seems do far ahead of us)

(I love the view going into Spokane)

(and we always went to these waterslides at Cour d' Alene as a kid, 
now theres an amusement park there too)

(not  fond of travelling beside logging trucks but there was a lot of them, 
this was a stoplight I don't entirely trust them logs try not to get that close)

Before we left we called Janice and thought I might go there for a day and ride before I go home.  Its on my way and why not? I'm already out there so ya Ill ride more :)  So the next morning loaded up and off I went.  Got there and she had another gal coming out to ride so we waited for her and then the 3 of us went out and rode at this spot we just stopped at a pull out and the trail left from there.  There was a paved path that is for hikers and bikers, it was the old rail line.  We went past that and into the trees.  So pretty out there,  I forget what its like.  I liked it cause even though it was quite warm out there was shade.
(Janice doesn't like her picture being taken
 so she liked this one of her and Jazz)

(Tucker, what a good guy.  She has a new puppy 
but he wouldnt stop moving for a picture and somehow forgot to
 get pic of her border collies, even though Cali loved me :)  and Sage barked at me
 and wagged her tail at the same time)

(Razz enjoyed a few mouthfuls of grass)

(She has a greenhouse and so always has the prettiest flowers,
puts mine to shame.  And a perfect porch to hang them on)

Janice rode her young horse, Jazz.  Jazz is a Beamer baby of Shirley's.  She is a real pretty girl and sensible.  She hadn't been out on the trails very much and she did awesome.


Janice said...

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, I had a good visit with you and am really glad you stopped.....even if I kept you from going home.

aurora said...

Crossing the border (either way) always makes me nervous. You just never know what they'll say/do, even when every thing is legit. Pretty place to ride!

lisa said...

Sounds like you had an exciting ride home! As long as you make it home and everything turned out. That is always good. Glad you didn't have to take an extra 2 hour drive.

Shirley said...

That trip home was crazy hot! Glad we found a quick detour, and not much traffic on it.
There is some great trails in that area, but I think we all need to come to Alberta now and ride there! Let's make a plan for next year, get as many blogger/FB people together as we can!