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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Buck Brannaman Ellensburg

Oh Boy where do I start?  So much learning.  Quite a trip down there.  I left Wednesday morning and drove to Shirley's place to stay overnight.  I got there in the afternoon and she took me to see a few things in town like the Kokanee brewery where the Sasquatch tried to steal my beer!  and lots of neat things in town, cute town she lives in.  Then back to her place and we had peaches right off the tree, mmm so good.  
(left in the morning and Bob was moving his cows across the road)

(Pincher Creek was my first stop for gas and it sure is pretty there)

(the Sasquatch!)

We left the next morning, me with the trailer and her with a holiday trailer so we had someplace to stay.  Trip had a couple stops on it and we still got there in good time.  Tracey Westbury was there with a horse for Shirley to use and to pick up a dog the Karen Jackson Simmons brought her.  So I got to meet those two!  that was super cool!  Then since the horse was new to Shirley she thought shed better see if they would get along....well not at first she was a little quicker moving than was expected and she come off but Tracey got on and then Shirley again and went much better the second time.
(Tracey playing with George)

(Shirley on Doxee)

Friday we started out with me and Razz ponying Doxee and getting her warmed up.  She was coming along nicely.  Then clinic started.  Buck has a filly he started about 3 weeks ago and was working with her.  He got us to start moving our horses in a circle following the lead then driving them around if they don't follow a soft lead.  Razz doesn't yet go when I ask with my hand I need to drive her shoulder.  If I ask too far back she just pivots her hind end away from me.  After getting them following a circle with a slight bend we were to lift towards the hip and get them to move the hip out.  I had a little trouble getting her hind feet to cross correct but I noticed if I did it right she did it right.  So its all timing on my part that's off.  Then we got them to move the shoulder back and around so they were going the other way.  I need more practice with that.  Razz goes about halfway around and then quits.  But I think I stop moving so again its me.  We have to practice tonight so we are good at it tomorrow and can move on.
We watched the other classes, the horsemanship class was a repeat of what we did but in the saddle then they moved on to more.  The ranch roping was really interesting to me cause I'd like to do that.
We did our homework that night and amazing how much better Razz was then after thinking about it all afternoon.  She got the soft feel quite a few times and the turn was good.  Moving the shoulders was much improved as was her back up but it still needs more work.  

(Big classes)


(more roping)

(roping and doctoring)

Then Saturday was more of the same to start, A lot of improvement for me.  Then after we got that down, we moved to the fence and did the same thing, with them moving between us and the fence and no rushing.  Then we climbed on the fence and got them to step over to it so its easier and safer for us to get on.  The idea is to lift up on the lead rope until they move the hip over to the fence.  This was hard for Razz she just kept moving forward and into the fence then tried backwards and she finally got a step towards the fence.  She never did get real good at it but she will if I work on it more.  While we were up there we had to swing our lead ropes and flag (if we had one) and move stirrups and put a leg over all without stepping off the fence so if they got worried and moved we were still safe.  
And then as we were leaving our class Jennie and Michelle were there!  That was so cool to finally meet them.  We all watched the horsemanship class and visited.  

(Bucks filly with about 3 weeks on her, she was not perfect but you could 
really see the improvent in her even during the 4 days we were there.  He had another 
sorrel but I missed getting her pic)

(His stallion Guapo)

(his other bay, he was in the 2 rein, a pretty cool horse he sure had some moves)

(and Razz, I snuck in a pic of her while Buck was riding)

Sunday we started with cowboy Church, nice music from a participant and a good message.  Then in our class we did more of the same and then we got on!  I got on from the ground as the fence was all full, which he said we could do as long as we did it right and careful.  We did the same, the soft feel and driving if they didn't go and then moving the hip over.  He made us bring the head around 90* and then pet their head when they stand still.  Once both sides were good we added a leg and got them to move the hindquarters and do a one rein stop.  then we walked off and did a one rein stop.  It felt out of control for a while.  Buck said looked like a snake killing.  He has some of the funniest sayings.  But then I realized I wasn't doing it in time with the feet.  If I ask for the hip as she is lifting the inside hind foot its all smooth.  I really struggle with knowing where the feet are at all times so I really had to concentrate on that.  
We got to to short serpentines, asking with a soft feel, inside leg back and outside leg forward to get the bend.  It was a lot harder than it looked like.  The H1 class did the same but they did bigger serpentines with more steps in them.  Then the ranch roping class had to doctor the cows cause quite a few had pink eye (probly from the dust)  So that was neat, gave a purpose to the roping.  They had a few good ropers and they headed then if the cow stood still they practiced roping and dallying and if they moved the tracked them.  A couple horses were unused to seeing cows to they rode by them lots an did the motions without using a rope.
I also knew a girl from the horsemanship Challenge I did in January was going, I only found out the day before.  So I was looking around or her, finally saw her horse in the H1 class and so had to talk to her.  She said she had been looking at me thinking I looked familiar.  So glad I got a chance to meet her as well.

Some cool horses there, I really liked this black and white Tennessee Walker, 
I talked to her about him and found out he was abandoned in the Mohave desert 
and was 500 pounds underweight when she got him, he looks good now, he was super pretty. 
 Shes been in a few Buck clinics and the first one he wouldn't let her ride him
 but hes good now)

(this cute Arab with ears that were almost touching at the top)

(A haffie, aww so adorable!)

(I really liked this black horse he was kind)

(And Robin and Holly the sorrel paint)

(This dun gelding was Razz's neighbor in the barn.  She was in both the the foundation
 and horsemanship classes I dunno how she done it.  She said she was glad 
she was beside Razz cause he was freaking out until she came by
 and then he calmed down)

(not a great pic but the light bay was in the two rein, the only one in the clinic who was, everyone else was in a snaffle or hackmore)

Monday we did our class again, start over and then we did a little trotting to the one rein stops which made me think again. One other thing the H1 class did and he let us trot trying it was to yeild the shoulders with the reins and get one front foot to move wider out as a start for a turnaround.  While watching the H1 class I wanted to get out and try it and so finally got a chance.  I watched, tried it and then had to watch again cause I couldn't do it.  I finally think I got it but I sure got to practice more so I don't forget.  
 He answered lots and lots of questions and that was kinda cool.  And showed us a bunch of different things we can do.  Like using the slobber straps to get a horse to back up and go forward.  Nothing I woulda thought of before but just a different way to do something.  He also told/showed us the 4 ways to move the hindqarters.  I had heard some of this before in that horsemanship challenge but I was a little confused but now I understand a little better, I need a lot more work on that too.
He also talked about what he likes a horse to know before he moves them from a snaffle bit to a hackmore and then to a two rein.  I always find this interesting since I never know when to do such things.  
(rodeo grounds were kinda cool, almost in a bowl)

(got super windy up top but just a breeze in the arena)

All in all a good clinic and I would love to go again, probly in the H1 class.  But I will be a little smarter and try not to go in the middle of July when its 38* everyday.  Of course that's not normal for them either it was kinda a heatwave


Shirley said...

You were great company, and I'm super impressed with your Razz horse, such a level headed mare! Wish I had been able to take Clancy, next time probably.

aurora said...

It's been fun reading the posts from this clinic trip & seeing you pop up on other blogs! So cool you got to meet other bloggers in person. Sounds like a wonderful time with lots & lots of learning opportunities!! Timing on the riders part is absolutely everything, it's a constant struggle for me.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

I sure would like to do a Buck clinic. I watched him some when he was in New River, AZ and thoroughly enjoyed what I got to see. Then I got run off. LOL. I didn't know they were having a clinic there when I pulled into the arena. I was just going to unload horses and let them stretch their legs and get a drink, but his people wouldn't even let me do that. I thought that was a little excessive, but meh...I was only 50 miles from home, so I just went on.