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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Canada Day

Wednesday was Canada and as we always do we headed down to Brooks to watch Neil's Dad in the Tractor Parade Down there.  The most entertaining part of the whole day is watching them get all the tractors going.  With those Antiques its never easy.   They got a couple that always start and they use them to pull the others or like Lawrence's use a belt to start it.

Lawrence redone this tractor but its hard to start, they got it going the day before and it run real good but of course not when they really want it.  One day it will work and he can drive it in the parade.

Had to get a video of starting it, what a pain for those guys back then, so much easier to turn a key.

(The sheep wagon Lawrence and Cliff built 2 years ago)

(I love barns and so had to get this big one)

(they always start the parade with this tractor)

Got part of the parade route, they had some stupid lady back out in the middle of the parade and one guy had to stall his tractor so he wouldn't hit her and of course it was a pull start one so they had a couple guys push it out of the way but then there was a huge gap in the route.

(A friend of Neil's (Donny) got to drive the "strong arm" tractor with a front end loader)

(Lawerence on the Cockshut with the Millicent wagon with kids in it)

(Lawrence again)

(Neil with his water pump wagon.  He has driven this for 3 years and this is the only time that its has worked during the parade)

(Cousin George pulling the sheep wagon with a row crop tractor)

Long day and we stopped at the IGA on the way home cause its always 15% off on the first so we got groceries for cheaper, well not really we just bought more stuff we probly wouldn't have if it wasn't 15% off.  And Neil was with me and he always wants to buy junk food (and I don't resist lol)

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Shirley said...

I'll have to show this post to Ted, he loves tractors!