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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Nephews Visit

My sisters 2 boys came out for a visit for a couple weeks.  They enjoy coming out cause its so different that Calgary city life.  And she was going to Newfoundland for a couple weeks and didn't want them to stay home by themselves that long.  We always try to have a couple jobs for them to do out here so they can help us and learn something and there are jobs an extra hand is nice.
(Jaret was making a Mii and said he didn't have 
pokey hair so I made him some)

(Tristan watching movies with his headphones on and laughing)

(so peaceful while sleeping)

(Jaret helping make salad)

(Going through the bush to pick berries)

(More unfencing with Neil)

(Boys climbing the hoodoos)

(way up, not sure how to get down)

(and setting up the tent after camping cause it was put away wet)

They came on the 10th wich was awkward as I was packing up to leave and left on the 15th so before then we never got a lot done, Neil had a few things for them to help him with.  Including taking them up to our place at Stettler to do a bunch of fencing.  They stayed up there for 3 days camping in the rain.  Then he dropped them off at my Moms for a couple days and then picked them up and then I got home on the 24th.  Neil went to work at the casino on the 25th/26th and they were supposed to go home that weekend but they wanted to stay so stay they did.  We got them shingling and painting, fencing, checking cows, berry picking and mowing the grass.
(going to pick up pipe they straightened)

(Carrying it over...its heavy)

(and putting it up, never got done we need new clamps)

(Jaret came to Cowboy practice with me and rode Jessie)

(Tristan shingling)

(Neil helping Jaret)

(Neil carrying a bundle of shingles up)

(almost done)

(Painting the barn door)

They went home the 31st and then we headed up to my Moms for the day and Neil went golfing with Clint and me and my Mom visited. It was good.  They want to come back and so maybe they will after the 10th and they have an orthodontist appointment in Aug so I guess they gotta get that done too.  I got more jobs already planned for them ;)


Shirley said...

Gotta love helpful teenagers. Every boy should have a taste of farm life.

Louisa Murch-White said...

Looks like you kept them busy! Awesome how willing they are to help out - so good for them to get out on the farm and "do stuff"!!

lisa said...

Sounds and looks like they had a good visit, even having to put in a little hard labor ;)