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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ranch Roping

Ever since I signed up for the clinic I wanted to go in the ranch roping.  Haha like I am anywhere near ready for that but I still wanted to do it.  I think Jessie woulda been good in it and a spot opened up and I almost said I would change to that one but then remembered I don't have a rope saddle that fits her :(  I guess I coulda put Razz in it and used my ranch saddle but I have never roped or even thrown a rope off her so I didn't.  But I sure am gonna practice now that I have watched that clinic at least throw a rope and dally, maybe make a roping dummy and practice. And funny thing is as soon as I got home I saw this:

No wonder I wanted to do the roping, I have had that book forever and read and reread it.  I also have his groundwork dvd which I have watched a few times but I really needed someone to show me in real so they could correct me.  That's one thing I really liked about this clinic, he would show us, we would try (and I would get it wrong) and he'd show us again and then I can do it cause I saw where I was having trouble.

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Shirley said...

I'm sure you could get some of those handy guys who help at the brandings to show you how to handle a rope. Go for it! I used to heel, but that is a different deal than the ropes and loops they use for ranch roping.