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Monday, April 10, 2017


Well I think I can actually believe its spring now!  We had water running over our road for a couple weeks, I think when we got that thaw if Feb water went in the culvert and froze and so instead of going though there it was frozen and had to go on top.  It has gone down now but wow there was a lot of water for a while.
(our road, our place on the left, Craig's on the right. 
 There was over 4 feet of water cause the fence posts were not showing at all)

(and this was at the river when the ice was going out, that's a campground there)

I got Nita in with Jess and Easy and they seem to get along OK, she is still the outsider but they aren't mean to her so I guess it will come with time.  I also got in Pally and Jax cause the grass is growing and I don't need them having issues.  Jax has a cresty neck and my farrier thinks he has foundered in the past so I'm gonna be pretty careful with him.

So now that's 5 horses in, seems like a lot but I decided I will work with 2 a day and not get stressed about it.  Easy most days (5 days a week) and the others in a row.  Its working so far, except Jax only had one small outing so far cause I have no bit for him.  I did get my harness all tried on him and I dunno, I might just go buy new nylon.  Then I can get a fun color too!
(first Easy)

(the Jess working on a challenge, 
backing 20 feet then turn on hindquarters and back to beginning. 
  Kinda annoys me I used 2 hands I didn't notice till I watched video)

I set up all kinds of weird stuff in my arena, figured until I can ride out regularly and even then this will be a change of pace.  I'm going to a couple clinics this summer, a progressive series which is mostly private lessons on whatever and a trail clinic.  Not sure who's going in the progressive series, but gonna take Easy to the Trail clinic, it should be super good for him I'm hoping to get him where I can ride him out comfortably this summer.

(eww ant hill)

Checked fence after the horses were in the pasture, haha they thought I had something special and followed me around it was cute :)


Mrs Shoes said...

Keeping multiple horses going & fit is no easy task, that's for darn sure. Good to see Spring is happening at last for you too!

Shirley said...

Looks like good riding weather.
Ponies get fat just looking at grass!
Are you still going to show Easy this year?

lisa said...

Looks like you and the friend where doing well. We had some water laying also. Glad that the weather has started to let things dry out.