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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cold Days

Well besides the snow we got yesterday morning its been a good spring.  We are more than 3/4 calved out, had 2 sets of twins but as it would work we had 2 cows who lost calves (actually 4 but 2 went to town) and so they now have new calves.  One we are still working on but she seems to like it its the calf lol he likes every cow, so we got to get him to believe this is his only mom.

I got a perm earlier this month, Neil's cousin's kid is taking the hairdressing school in Red Deer and needed a model for her exams,  I wasn't sure I wanted a perm but oh well its only hair and it will grow out.  Turns out I actually kinda like it, gives a bit of volume to my otherwise super straight flat hair.

I been riding a bit, not as much as I want to or should be but its been wet and cold.  Neil went in the horse pen without moving the horses and they of course escaped and Easy and Nita ran around the yard a whole bunch of times, finally quit and I caught Easy and then Nita.  Easy worked hard, he was all sweated up, Nita was just following she wasn't even breathing hard.  I had a good laugh at them after being kinda annoyed with Neil and then did some groundwork with the weird stuff I have set up in the arena.  Easy doesn't care for anything he doesn't know, but the whip cracking or travelling anywhere over him is not a big deal, he backs up real nice (almost too much) he didn't care for the hula hoops or the logs, but the tarp that is one scary scary thing.  But I got a toe on it and praised him and quit there.  It was a big deal for him.

Nita didn't care about anything, she walked over the tarp, through the hula hoops, I even flipped one around and threw it and she didn't care.  The whip wasn't a big deal either after she could see what I was doing but she does not back up.  So we will work on that, she probly has never been asked and that's ok, quite normal I think from what I've seen.

We had Neil's birthday celebration on the 15th and that was good then the next day headed to Calgary for Easter.  Was nice, worked out well.  I stayed over and picked up my foam for my window seat and now just waiting on a sale for fabric to make the cover.

(I made Bunny Butt cookies,
 not quite as good as pinterest but still delicious)

(Finally finished my sisters Christmas gift,
 its hard when the shop isn't heated)

Was up at the Mane Event on Saturday, met my neighbors there that is kinda fun, all I bought was a slow feed hay net and got a bag of feed for free.  I'm trying to find a ration balancer for the ponies that isn't soy based and its really hard.  Watched some trainers challenge and a bit of the clinics and that's always fun.

Got Easy teeth and sheath done on Monday, teeth needed it but were not bad, sheath however was another story, I kinda figured cause I could smell him but hes so silly sensitive I didn't want to do it and its a good thing cause it was a big job and he had a bean way up high.  The vet earned his money on that one.

Also started back doing the therapeutic riding this spring, last night was the first night, we had a Boy named Tristan and hes been doing this since they began, he loves it.  So fun seeing there reactions.  only 5 weeks, so the end of May I will be done.  And yesterday was our last day swimming for a while since the closed the indoor pool for renovations. One day when it gets warm out they will open the outdoor but its not the same.


TeresaA said...

You have been very busy. I like your hair.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Bunny butts! It's always good to do something new with the hair. I've got a stylist who writes down what I wanted at my first appointment on a 3x5 card, and then pulls it from her file and gives me the exact same hair color and cut every time I go in. One time I told her I wanted something different, and her reaction was so odd. It was like I was asking her to fly to the moon and back. She wouldn't give me a completely different color. She'd only remove one color from the original mixture. It wasn't a drastic enough change for me. I may have just go to a new stylist next time I want a change. The therapeutic riding sounds interesting.

Mrs Shoes said...

Crystal, your new hairdo is very becoming!
On the racetrack, I used to pay a kid $20/horse to do sheaths - not because I couldn't, but just so that smell didn't linger around me all day. Now, I do it all myself, once a year, & it's a really "relaxing moment" for my boy...the freak. This may be why I keep only one gelding...

Shirley said...

Your hairstyle really suits you! Love it.
It has been cold and wet here too, no snow like Alberta got but too yucky for riding. Got other stuff done though.
My equine dentist does gelding's sheaths too while he has them sedated, but we never have to clean Beamer, stallions "flare off" enough to keep their own sheaths clean. I do get him checked, but it's never a problem.