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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fort Worth Stockyards

After watching a few good goes in cutting we needed a break, as much as I love watching I would rather be out there and after seeing so many good ones we were kinda fallin asleep...oh another 214, hmm.  Sad really but that's how it is specially when we never heard of the rider.  So we headed out to the stockyards again, it was daytime and we were hopin to get in a few pics and more shoppin.  We did both :)

We wanted to go to Leddy's just cause its historic, wasn't too impressed with their stuff, real expensive and only a couple things I even liked in there, but now we know.  Then on down the street to the Sean Ryon shop, he warned us at the trade show he was pretty empty but we needed to see just to say we been there.  And he was right, lol.  But it is also the Luskys shop and lots of nice stuff in there, I got a vest and my friend was lookin at Jewelry, never bought any but she loves it, me not so much, well I like it I just don't wear it so no point in buying more.

We also hit a few touristy places and got a t-shirt for Neil and a magnet for my sister that she asked for.  I got a sign for the wall that I had been looking for something like it for a while and that's about all.  The we were hungry so we went back to the Cattleman's to have another slice of pecan pie.  We split a burger before that and it was pretty good too.  I am sure all their food there was good.  But the pecan pie was amazing!

Then on back to more touristing, we stopped at a museum that was neat and then we realized it was time for the trail drive, which we almost missed, saw the tail end but then went over to where we could see them in the pens, big horns on them they are not young ones.  And then on the way down i slipped right beside the watch your step sign (of course)  and now got a bruise on my butt.  But was worth it I should watch more carefully I guess.  Was kinda slippery on the wood cause it was kinda drizzly all day but not too cold.  When I got home I was telling Neil I got a bruise after looking at the longhorns and he thought I got poked in the butt, lol husbands!


Janice said...

Sounds like you had a blast..what a traveler you are.There are some dandy places down there for sale.Those steers sure have ginormous horns.Loved that shot of the Christmas tree. Sure is a small world huh.

Shirley said...

Man that is some longhorn!!! Nothing like going shopping to get rid of bleacher butt from watching the horse show.