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Friday, November 22, 2013

Lost in Fort Worth

We made it down to the futurity building today.  Boy it is cool but confusing, we even had GPS lady confused!  LOL she kept telling us to make a u-turn then make a left turn before we even moved.  We headed through a super old rich part of town, wow some of those houses had old money in them!  Amazing!  We had her going around in circles and finally we just asked and it was super easy.  After we got parked and went in the wrong building and saw the sales ring, kinda makes me sad we aren't gonna see any sales cause they don't start till Dec 9th.

Then some nice man pointed us in the right direction and away we go through all the barns and in some other door and whew there we are and boy it was exciting.  A lot of nice ponies out there.  I was actually kinda disappointed cause I was told it was so much better than what we got in Canada but didn't think it was, but then we got thinking they look like our four year olds and there were no real dinks so they are really good!  We even saw the high scorer of the day and he was cool!  I got a video of part of his run.  But I am not uploading it now, maybe when i have more time to waste, too busy here!

We were there not very long and who do we see but Doug!  Of all people he had a good chuckle about it and told my friend to buy a really nice horse and take it to him for training and she could pet it and maybe when it was 8 she could ride it!  It was hilarious, we sure laughed at that!  It wouldn't have been a hardship to take a few of them home we saw some we really liked :)

After we saw lots and went in the trade fair even though it wasn't really open sure was a lot better than the AQHA one, whew!  I was pretty sure it would be but...

And then we headed over to the Fort Worth Stockyards, boy was that entertaining, once again GPS lady tired to get us lost cause we had to take a detour cause of construction but she of course did not know and so we drove through some interesting areas and then finally made it there.  It was dark and kinda rainy and so we looked in a few places but not a lot was open and so we ate at Cattlemans and had the best pecan pie ever and then we went back to our hotel.  if we have more time we might go in the daytime if the weather clears up a bit.  Or we will have to go again next year :)


Country Gal said...

Looks like a fun day ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

lisa said...

Boy, do I wish I was with you! Sounds like a nice experience. GPS is your friend until she screws up! I have been lucy so far with her. I think it all depends sometimes on what kind of gps you have. I have the garmin and if you get into big cities that have sky scrapers she has a hard time getting around. Enjoy your trip to the end!

Shirley said...

It'll be interesting to hear about the differences between how they do things and how we do things. I see a lot of stirrups in that trade show shot- what kind do the cutters there use?

fernvalley01 said...

what fun! Looks like a great show, lucky you to be there! hope you find your way home though lol

Louisa Valentina; said...

I think down here the big difference is the money game, the horses here are so inflated and worth SO MUCH. I know up at home you can buy some really pricey horses too, but down here if you're not willing to shell out atleast 4 zeroes behind a number, you probably aren't even playing the game.. in the amateur ring... that doesn't ring true for everyone obviously, but that's what I notice the most. I do think there is a lot bigger quantity of high caliber horses too.. BUT quality over quantity. haha

I always think it's funny that at Will Rogers they say where everyone is from on the board and if you're canadian it's just "Canada"... haha