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Sunday, November 24, 2013

More Cutting

We been heading out to the cutting every morning and this morning we decided to get gps lady to direct us there from our hotel instead of just randomly driving through all the fancy neighborhoods and by the university and hoping we eventually find it, lol.  Sure was cool to see some of those houses though!  Wow they were big.  Haha we stopped at Starbucks on the way and it was still under 10 minutes from our hotel and we had been spending up to half hour to get there!  Oh well made for interesting trips :)

We saw Winston Hansma go a couple times today.  Boy was he sure a nice rider.  We see his brother Gerry all the time in Canada and we saw his brother Paul the other day but I think from what we seen Winston by far is the nicer rider.

Also saw a few names I recognized, I am amazed at all the people I dont know, I knew there were a lot of cutters down here but still to hardly know anyone is kinda hard.  We saw Phil Rapp, was not as impressed as I imagined since he is an $8 million dollar winner, and we saw Lindy Burch, she was kinda cool I have to say am glad we saw her.

Also found a young stud we sure liked, and his oldest foals are 3 this year and they sure seemed nice and smooth, looked easy to ride, his name was Metallic Cat.  Might have to keep my eye out for some of them in the future.

Oh shopping, those were all Nettles stirrups Shirley, a friend bought a pair there with the leveler in them that keeps her stirrups level at all times, I kinda wanna try them out.  Was funny we went there and they were still setting up and we asked for someone who can tell us about them and the guy says well I make them what can I help you with, lol.  And I really really wanted to see the Rios of Mercedes boots and see what the hype was about, boy they are a nice boot.  But $$$.  Same friend wanted a pair of Anderson Bean boots and ended up getting the Rios, I wanna see if she still likes them after wearing them for a while.   I am thinking of getting a shirt from the CR Ranchwear, they are sure nice, she makes them and they have a little glitter on them, I tried on some and they didn't have my size in the shirt I really liked but we are going back tomorrow and hope she brings more.  We talked to the gal that makes them she does a really nice job.

I do agree I wish they would say where in Canada they are from, was interesting to see Cody Smith down here with a horse, did not know he was coming down.  And turns out Doug was asked to come down and ride so he come in Wednesday and rode the horse on 3 cows for practice then showed it Thursday!  And he said he wasn't nervous, I cant imagine doing that.  He didn't score well cause apparently he had his rein hand high on the neck and they thought he was reining so deducted some points but said she was a nice horse.  Kinda makes me sad we didn't see him that day cause we were in Oklahoma.

Tomorrow back to cutting for a bit then over to the stockyards in the daytime and hope to see a cattle drive and the train and all the other touristy stuff before going back for more pecan pie.

Thats all I know so far, but only one more day till we have to leave :(  Will sure miss it, but I guess maybe have to come back next year for longer :)


Shirley said...

Going to Texas is on my bucket list, you sure are lucky to get to this show. I'd want to go with a big budget though, I bet the trade show was awesome.

Louisa Valentina; said...

LOVE CR Ranchwear shirts, you're one of the cool kids haha all the big cutters seem to wear those shirts. Love Rio boots too, but they are way toooo expensive for this little loper. Sigh. Why is EVERYTHING in cutting so expensive. haha, it's cursed!

We have a couple Metallic Cat 2 year olds here... I've heard mixed reviews ( a lot of negative stuff..) about his get so far, so it'll be interesting to see how they do in the Futurity this year.

Glad you guys had fun while you were down here - safe trip home!!!

fernvalley01 said...

sounds like an awesome trip