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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Reminds me of that song, I would sing it for you but if I am like Neil says you wouldn't recognize it anyways so no singing for you today (lucked out on that one I thinks)

Anyways now that I am back from what I thought was gonna be warm weather but wasn't in Texas I can get back on my real life.  I spent Wednesday catching up on what I missed while gone, reading mail, doing laundry, unpacking all that fun coming home stuff..  But by Thursday I could take it no longer and hooked up my trailer and loaded up the ponies and away riding we went :)  I took both Kali and Jessie again, they are gonna be my winter riding ponies I think.  And on the way there I got a notification from my truck that I had a low tire, so I stop and sure enough i can hear air leaking out but not real bad so I drive to the tire place and the fixed it for me.  So much easier that way that me having to change it then bring it in.  I dunno how we survived without all these gadgets on our vehicles (and phones!)  But if it hadn't been notifying me I woulda waited till after I rode then it woulda been real flat and I would have to change it before driving.

First up was Jessie, shes so awesome as always :)  and yet kinda goofy at the same time.  The arena was freshly worked and some spots got a little more water than others and were a little weird feeling, not slippery but just deeper and she tried to pussyfoot through them, made me laugh at her but I just kept making her go through them till she acted like they were not there.  Had a really good ride, only about 35 minutes cause she is pretty out of shape but gotta start somewhere.

then Kals, what a goober, when you pony her she is super speedy and raring to go but I lunged her and could hardly even get a trot out of her and then when I got on lazy lazy lazy.  I wish I knew how to motivate her to actually move out when I ask, never had a horse like that before, sure hate kicking them every step too.  She will move but only as mush as she has too, it kinda makes for a long ride even when it was only about 20 minutes.

Then yesterday I went for a lesson, i was kinda nervous had lots of questions but it was good, only on the flag cause he was in the middle of setting up an alleyway so he could work cows in his arena and hadn't finished it yet but that was good enough for me.  I like the flag cause for some reason I am better on it, it is kinda predictable but still helps me to learn.  he was riding a 2 year old and was talking through what he was doing while working and that actually really helped, made me think I am at the same stage as she was, lol.  Oh well gotta start somewhere.  Had coffee afterwards and lots of talk, I always leave there feeling like I learned something...and not always about cutting I really like going there.
 (some ponies were wishing they were in getting grain and hay)

 (some ponies are all blanketed and happy to be in )

(even the bull wanted in)

He was asking if I was thinking of going in the winter series and I had earlier  this year cause a neighbor was gonna to so that woulda been fun but she works all the dates they are so she isn't and I am not sure if I will either.  I hadn't planned on it but Doug goes to them all and it might be good practice if the roads are not bad, it starts in Jan so I have a little bit of time to get my horse back in shape, sure would like to do something this winter, as much as I love the arena I am riding in it is lonely.  I should find something I can do with Kali, I just don't know what she will like to do besides be lazy.  Ugg makes me want to sell her for sure now perfect for someone who likes slow and lazy cause she fits, lol as long as she has a friend shes happy.

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Shirley said...

Interesting how Kali turned out, I bet she'd make a good horse for some young girl who needs a sweetheart horse to fall in love with and fuss over.