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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Our House, In the Middle of the Street.....

I dunno why I always think of that song when I say our house.  But none the less it fits here.
(we saw it coming from a long ways away, 
hard to see in the pic but you can see the dust better,
 its dry here)

(yay, it came :) )

Our house finally came on Wednesday.  Much later that we were told but its here now and so worth the wait.  It was pretty cool to watch it come in and get unloaded and put on the pilings.  Sure didn't take long, they backed onto the spot and then lowered it down on the blocks, then raised the piles to the right height and jacked it up and then set it on the pilings.  They got here about noon and they were out of here by 3:30.
(all set up on blocks with the truck still underneath)

(welder guy welding pilings to the right height)

(truck driver/jack guy lifting it up so they can 
remove blocks and set it on the pilings)

(Neil and Ty checking out the bottom)

(Elaine talking to the pilot truck lady)

(they load trucks on the trailer for the way home)

We had our neighbors come over with a bottle of champagne to watch the procedure and celebrate :)

We had to have a look through so we set up a ladder and looked inside.  It is amazing how much stuff they had on the floors and stuff that wasn't installed.  But we could still see how it was looking.  And I can't wait till we move in.
(Neil checking out the auto light in the pantry)

(living room with gas fireplace :) )

(view from kitchen, love the 3 windows)

(one of the 2 spare bedrooms, we got extra big windows 
cause they wont really be bedrooms)

(Porch area with cupboards above washer and dryer)

(all the house stuff on the floors)

(oval tub in master bath)

(and 5' shower in main bath)

(a better view of living room without so much stuff on the carpet)

(and the kitchen with drawers in)

Then Thursday we had a guy from Triple M come and he took off the strapping from the roof and put on the roof vents, put in the drawers and closet doors.  He also measured up the base for the skirting that goes around the bottom and he will be back after the heat and stuff is on to fix anything inside that needs to be fixed.
(the plumber/electrician)

(putting in the gas lines)

(holes dug for electricity and phone and gas line being cut)

(Neil describing another job he wants Pete to do after the house is done)

Then in the afternoon our plumber/electrician came by and started looking at what all needed to be done and he stared digging the trench for power and phone lines to the new house.
(and Nintendo, wondering why we wont pick him up to put him in the house, 
he has arthritis and wont jump and prefers not to climb)
And this week, yesterday the drywallers put heaters in and covered the floors for thier repairs and they are coming to finish today, and then the main repair guy is coming to hook up fridge and light fixtures and chimney and whatever else and tomorrow stairs and skirting, and thursday plumbing and sewer should be done.

Hopefully he will be done soon and then the repair guy comes and we can move in, our sales lady thinks it could be about 10 days, but I am more realistic and I think it will be more than a couple weeks.


4RRanch said...

How exciting for you! Hope all goes will with the hook-ups. It really looks nice.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

It's beautiful! I love the porch. I've moved into a house, but haven't had a house moved to me. Interesting about all that is involved in getting it set up.

Country Gal said...

Very cool . Is it one of those imodular homes ? They are popular over here in Ontario as they build them here in a town not far from us , these homes come in all kinds of styles and two story ones to ! Looks cozy , I bet you cant wait to get in and all set up ! Thanks for sharing , Lovely photos ! Have a good day !

Shirley said...

That is just so exciting! Very nice house and you are going to be toasty warm sitting in front of that fireplace this winter!

With a Western Twist said...

That is so exciting!! Love the kitchen - it's gorgeous!

lisa said...

Oh, how wonderful! I would be so excited that I don't know if I could contain myself ;-)