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Thursday, October 29, 2015

When I Get Creative

So last Friday was our annual bean and Bingo supper at the Pollockville Hall.  Its been going on forever, long before I was around here but its always kinda a fun night and now that I feel like I'm getting old we get home early from it too and I like that.

They asked people to volunteer to bring something and I said I'd bring a desert, and thought cupcakes cause they are easy and people eat them more than cake and I didn't wanna take home leftovers.  So it was a couple weeks to the night and I got thinking, hmm bingo balls are round, cupcakes are round.  Hmm maybe I can so something interesting.  So I mulled it around a bit and decided a bingo card with the cupcakes as numbers and and the title.
(the plan)

So me and Neil went shopping to find icing and papers, I just picked fun colorful papers and we could only find black writing type icing so that's what we used.  I had 2 9 X 9 cake mixes at home I figured I would use and mini cupcake pan.  And on the day I wanted to make them I couldn't find my cupcake pan anywhere (of course) So my neighbor had one and I went to borrow it and had tea all morning and visited, it was great.  She also had a great idea that I use mini loaf pans and make them as the title bar, so I borrowed those too.

Well finally got started and make up cake mixes, pour into cupcake papers in pan and bake them as long as cake mix says.  Make some cupcakes and 1 loaf pan out of each mix, I had one chocolate and one white for whatever people like.
(love that antique cupcake pan, now I want one rather than my new plain one)

Let them cool and then the hard part was icing, the plain white went on easy, but the numbers and letters were a bit challenging but I think it turned out OK.  I used a pizza box lined with tinfoil to serve it in.
(Finished product)

(and leftover numbers)

Was a hit at bingo night, which was good cause as usual I never won a single game.  And I never had to take a single piece home :)

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Shirley said...

Very creative! Fun idea.