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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Poker Ride 2015

Every Thanksgiving Weekend on the Saturday our community has a poker Ride.  Its called the Doan Andrus Memorial Trail Ride.  Its named after my neighbors husband who passed away from MS a few years ago.  I haven't made it every year but I try to cause I always have fun.  Since I am in that horsemanship Challenge I brought Jessie.  It was a good 2 hours from start to finish.  Weather was just beautiful was a warm 27*C when I left there, crazy warm weather for this time of year.
(starting the ride)

(Over the hill)

(Jess is sore on the gravel so we tried to find a way around the road
 and we got up high)

I got there just after 10 and not too many people are there so I got Jess all ready and then a few more people came and so got my start of the poker hand and helped other people get ready.  A few years ago I sold a horse to Janice and they keep telling me about him whenever I see him and this time they brought him.  He was fat!  But still the same ol good Henry, wanting to go faster all the time, but not being too bad.  Been a long time since I seen him, I think we figured 6 years, hes 13 now, wow time flies.
(Golf stop)

(got to the river)

(Through the trees)

(good thing its mowed through the path)

We started going down the trail and it was sure busy at the first stop, everyone got there at once.  It was OK since we visited with everyone down there.  And they had a golf ball challenge, person who hit closest to the mineral tub took it home.  Holli has never golfed before but boy she hit a good one and was less than 3 steps away, she won the tub which was funny since she has no cows.   But her brother does so I suspect hes getting it.
(and more river)

(Standing on a hill looking back)

(And looking ahead)

(Henry and Johns blacks at a poker stop)

(There were those scary shacks on this hill)

(Made it out of the river)

(Johns team)

(Ember on Jess)

(trying out the water in the tire)

After that I rode with Janice as well and then she slowed up a bit so I ended up riding the second part by myself which actually worked out well since I could go whatever speed I wanted and stop to take some pictures and enjoy the scenery.  Sometimes when riding with others I am so busy visiting I forget to look around.

When we come back up top I saw Janice over to the side trotting circles and stuff and then John put his wagon in a trot, that was cool, so we loped over there, I thought maybe shed want to race but no so we just went to the next stop.  I got off and some cute little girls who need a pony asked if they could sit on my horse, so sure they did and one rode her around, Jess was a little unsure what to do it was cute.  Then her sister got on and she led her around and that was much better cause I didn't have to :)  Jess was so good.  Then we got on and were a little behind so I loped up to the wagon and the kids thought that was fun.   We had lunch and really good cookies.  They called out the winners and I wasn't one of them, again.  But it was worth it anyways.
(Back at the trailer, with Henry ahead)

(Jess got a little sweaty cause it was so warm and shes getting winter hair)

(the route)


Country Gal said...

Looks like a fun time ! Wonderful photos and video . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

lisa said...

Thanks for taking us with you ;=) Great ride. Wish I could of been there.

4RRanch said...

Sounds like a great ride and what beautiful scenery. There are a lot of poker rides around here but I've never done one. Maybe I should try.