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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Robins, Baby Robins and an Oriole

Our new house is pretty close to a tree outside and it doesnt touch but almost luckily the tree is really old so I doubt will get much bigger.  But in this tree a Robin made a nest, nothing new.  But from the first bedroom we can look right into the nest its pretty cool. Took her a long time to make the nest it seemed but maybe just cause I was waiting on her.  Then on May 23 she was sitting on eggs, finally.

And we waited and waited and finally on June 8th we noticed babies.  They must never get full they just made noise all the time and would fall asleep with mouths open and wake up and chirp more.  Sure are ugly little things good thing it doesn't take long to grow feathers

And by June 17th they were on the ground.  Not flying very good, I probly coulda picked them up but I didn't of course I know how wild animals are.

Kinda fun to see them around now copying their mothers eating worms, flying into windows whatever.  I read the bird book today and it said they can see the ground move where the worms are, kinda creepy but they sure like it here the last little while we been getting lots of rain so the worms are close to the surface.

And I saw a orange bird flying through he didn't stop much but finally found him hidden in the leaves, who knew orange could camo so well in green?  This is when I really like my zoom lens got couple good pics of him.  Never seen a Baltimore Oriole here before, wouldn't have even known that is what is was if Neil's friend hadn't said he saw a bunch at his place.

I don't even really like birds but I can see these from inside my air conditioning when its hot and humid out.  Missed getting pics of the hawk at the end of the driveway this year, only one and hes almost ready to leave the nest.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Few things make the heart happier than seeing baby birds in the nest :) amazing. And I love the shots of the oriole!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That orange really pops. I haven't seen an oriole before either. We've got baby quail and baby cactus wrens running around. The cactus wren nest is in our saguaro, and I've been listening to the babies chirping inside that cactus all spring, so it's nice to finally see them out and about.

Shirley said...

I love the song of the robin, even at 4 am!
The oriole is very pretty. Hope you get a hawk photo! We have lots of them here, even had a sick one that was in my horse pasture and I took it to the vet but they ended up putting it down.