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Friday, June 24, 2016


I headed off to a branding with Dee last Monday and all the sudden I get a text from Neil.  Haha he just saw a visitor drinking out of the puddle in our yard.  He said he woulda shot it but Ziggy was on his way over there so he called the cat and the skunk ran away.  I don't think the he woulda hurt the cat but I wasn't there to coach so now we have to flush him out gently and get rid of him.  I thought I spelled a skunk a couple times but was pretty faint thought it was my imagination since that's the first one we have had here since I been here in 12 years.


Mrs Shoes said...

Lucky you, only one.
When we moved to this chunk of bush, our GSD was getting skunked on a weekly basis; it was so rank. 8 years later we've taken back a lot of bush & burned or mowed out the underbrush all around the buildings. We rarely even get a whiff of eau de PepeLePew on the wind anymore. The dog is certainly happier. :-)

Shirley said...

Where there's one there's more!

Crystal said...

Mrs Shoes, whew that would be awful poor dog glad you have a lot less now.

I'm hoping he was just passing through, our neighbors have free feed cat food they like it there :)