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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Yay a Garage

Well we asked around for a qoute on a garage and in Hanna we asked in Feb said we wanted it build in April, well we are still waiting on them, and we mentioned it a few weeks ago to the plumber and he said just about 6 miles south of us our neighbors are building a house (which we knew, but thought the carpenters were busy)  and they should do it a the same time.  Sure sounds great but we were into brandings so never did anything about it and then a 10 days ago we got a quote from them, looked it over and said OK and they came Monday to start.  All we did was sorta mark out where we wanted it.

They got the forms put in and the pad built for concrete

Then Tuesday the plumbers come and laid down the hose for in-floor heating and drainpipes and whatever else.

Then Wednesday they poured the concrete.  Bright and early at 8 the truck was here, they spent most of the day troweling and power floating and put a sealer on.  Somehow we were lucky and had 2 days with no rain.

Friday the truck from Lutes delivered the lumber and so we are all ready to build, not sure when the builders are coming but I suspect this week sometime.

Will be pretty cool, gonna have a bay for my truck, an office for Neil, a bathroom and some storage and the rest will be open so far.  Pad outside the truck bay and 8 feet of pad in front of the rest and then a sidewalk up the side, and all that will have in-floor heating as well so when it gets icy we just turn it on and it will melt, no more shoveling for me!

Can't wait till its done then we can finally clear the rest of the stuff out of the old house and get rid of it.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...


TeresaA said...

Wow- nice garage! You won't regret all that space.

Shirley said...

In floor heating-awesome! Looks like a great design. I especially like the heated sidewalk!