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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Summer Times

Well its been a whole but my computer quit on me and I can't blog on my phone too tiny.  Been a lot going on, my sisters wedding, got my 2 nephews out for the summer to help us here, went to another clinic with Razz, a family reunion, and both my mares are bred and back home again.
(I have wanted a gate up North so I can ride through it,
 it works well I took Jess on a ride to try it).

(Picking berries, we had a lot of saskatoons and even more choke cherries)

(Tristan and Neil pounding posts in our bull field)

(Neil saw this Tardis in Drum so we had to get a closer look and a pic)

(the hall at the family reunion)

(the family crest)

(a cool but not cool smokey sun)

(one of my favorite flowers in the garden)

(Trying to get pics of Easy as AQHA has lost his papers
 and he was not always cooperative)

(and a poor pic of a Piping Plover in the creek)

I got a lot of projects on the go as well, and some we got done already, sure handy having another pair of hands around to get stuff done.  I will need to do a special post on the wedding and the clinic and what else is going on with ponies as well.


TeresaA said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about the clinic. That gate looks perfect.

Mrs Shoes said...

Sweet new gate!
Wish we had the berries... couple of provinces over and could hardly find any. :-(

Shirley said...

Yes please, some details of the clinic :0)
How did AQHA lose Easy's papers? I assume when you sent in the transfer? I sure hope they don't nail you with the expenses of replacing them. When Belle's got lost in the mail I had to pay a notary and sign an affidavit.