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Tuesday, September 19, 2017


I went to Calgary and after I was there a bit I saw this come up on my phone.

I texted Neil and he said that sounded interesting so he may go.  I kinda wanted to go but I knew I wouldn't make it in time.  Well he went and turns out they had a wreck getting to Kerrobet, the wind was bad or some weather stuff. and were staying overnight.  That means they would be there Thursday. So we headed up to see them, was supposed to be at 3 but they got behind and never made it till 5.  Which worked out alright cause I went to the chiro and the grocery store, Neil did UFA and then it was time.  Well it was so worth going for!

They are so tiny!  The one guy got out of his plane and hes taller than it and he just picked up the tail and turned the plane around.  I can't even imagine fighting a war in a flimsy plane like that.  They look like cardboard but are metal/wood covered in fabric.  These are replicas but identical to the originals.

They been flying all across Canada on thier way to Vancouver where one plane is being donated to hang in a museum there.  They were in France on April 9th, did a big flyover after the ceremony.  Sounds like its been an adventure, they said the tall guy crash landed his plane in a field and it was overseen by the country and they did not want him to leave with his plane so he was stuck there for 2 days while they sorted it out.

The other guy was a pilot of commercial planes as a real job, he said its quite a difference haha 757s compared to these little guys.  They are only about 500 pounds and they travel about 65 miles per hour and only can go about 2 1/2 to 3 hours before fueling up.  Although they fly higher than I expected, he said up to 4500 feet.  The originals had bigger propellers and they flew up to 12000 feet.

Super neat, they answered everyone's questions and then they had a little talk and it was pretty cool.  They decided to stay overnight and so we never saw them leave but we did see a helicopter coming in they are cool, I think he was as big as the planes.

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Canadian fighting men - among the best in the world!