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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Whew its Done

Man that was one busy week, I am not very good at having something planned every day anymore.  All started a week ago Friday.  We sold our calves at a presale they sold really well we are pretty happy with the prices.  We are not weaning till Halloween, having a Halloweening haha.  And so those buyers will send their trucks here and pick them up and the leftovers (small and whatever else no one wants) will go to the sale the next day.  Then my Mom had planned a scrap booking evening so I headed over there and got that done.  I had headed home early cause Saturday was the Horse Parade.

I like going there mostly because its all horses but the parade doesn't start till 10:30 so I left home at 9!  I got to sleep in even that was weird.  Jess was super good as usual, she was even a little lazy but that is just fine with me.  Only thing she looked twice at was a team of minis, it was funny like she couldn't figure out what they were.  They had made a shorter route cause the rodeo comittee decided they wanted us to stay on Main Street case lots goes on there and if we go on other roads people just watch from their houses.  But the road was dug up all summer and so we had to go around some of it.  But then they ended it early was only about half hour, kinda short and they didnt go by the nursing home and hospital.  So a bunch of us made our own parade and went by there, it took a little longer and we got thanked by lots of people who were waiting there for us.  A few teams and wagons, maybe next year Jax can go :)

Then Sunday was East Coulee breakfast, the first one since May and it was good to go again. Then I finished up cooking the crab apples and making juice and pulp.  Still have to make it into Jelly and sauce but that can happen when its wintery outside.   Monday I skipped yoga cause I was just tired.  Although I did ride Razz, she was so fun, she is so brave now its cool doing stuff with her.  We started in the arena but that was boring so we went and rode half way around the North pasture then around and saw antelopes.  Then back but she didn't wanna go back so I let her pick the way and she headed East away from the horses and whatever then we went around the house and between the steps and garage and over top of the gravel pile.  That was weird haha then I decided I was done and so we quit.

Tuesday I shoulda hauled horses down to the arena before theraputic riding but I woke up with a sore throat again and so I just didn't.  I did go but not with horses.  Then Wednesday was the clinic I wasn't sure how much I would get done but I went anyways.  Took Razz and we had so much fun.  And Char got some cool pics of me!  Finally a few pics of me riding :)  We did it a little different, we each had our own session in the morning and I got the start of some lift from Razz that was cool.  We also worked on our backup making it softer.  Then in the afternoon we all got together and started with a few obstacles and dragging stuff and going over tarps and jumps and stuff.  Then we went out in the field and did some of the same exercises it was super good.  So much so we booked another day on October 11 to get him again.

Then I had planned to go to Calgary Thursday but we went to the Supreme instead. Then I went to Calgary after and got up early to get in line to buy a Super Nintendo.  We got one too :)  we were 2nd and 3rd in line that was cool.  Then we did a bit of shopping and then went to the football game that night.

 And today headed up and had a look at a yearling.  Which I need like a hole in the head.  But she was cute.  Tomorrow I need to go grocery shopping cause its the first and then paint night Monday Im excited for that but I need to rest first. ANd also we had the cement guy come out and start our sidewalk and garage pad.  And the deck guy came to put the roof on the deck and build Neil an overhead door for his shed.  So much in one week.


TeresaA said...

That is a like a month of stuff packed into one week! The horse parade sounds fun and it was nice of you guys to go visit the hospital and nursing home.

Mrs Shoes said...

Holy shite Girl, I'm tired just from READING what you did this week!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That is a lot going on. It's funny because I never plan to have a lot going on. I'm always planning for alone time, but somehow things just get crazy and I'm at the mercy of wherever the winds blow me.