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Tuesday, September 12, 2017


We didn't just travel this summer we actually did a lot of work around here.  Since the nephews were here I made a list of things to get done.  We got quite a few things knocked off the list and a few still need to be finished but they had to go back to school but luckily its not winter yet.

One thing I really wanted to get done was work on my tack shed, we killed the grass in front and laid cement blocks down and I wanted it tinned and the roof done and fixed the door.  Well the door was easy then we started tinning, it was the tin we pulled off the old house so that was kinda cool, we didn't have to buy any, I will have to buy stuff for the roof cause its a weird shape but it will be so nice when its done.

Neil also had an old pump house he wanted the roof redone so we got that done.

He also had a lot of fence that needed to be rebuilt and so that got done.

And I was building a garden shed, we kinda got stuck on the rafters, but I think I got them figured out now.

And the deck. its pretty well done, just waiting on John to come build the roof part then I can do the railing.And we made a bunch of jam and pickles.

And we did some other fun stuff like target shooting, we built a target and that was kinda cool.
My Mom got to drive the Quad for her first time ever.
We put up our |Canada Flag up on the garage.

We got 2 new cats, they are so fun they fit right in.

I still need at least a month more decent weather and then I may have everything done.


Mrs Shoes said...

Ooh, I hear you on the weather - Indian Summer is my favourite time of year (though I'm probably not supposed to use that term anymore?) - I could use at least another 2 months to ride with no bugs.
You got a TON of work done -- do your nephews rent out? ;-)

Shirley said...

You did get a lot done! Nice to have such helpful nephews. Love those orange kitties.