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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Mounted Shooting

Wow we have done a lot of touring this summer, I gotta go through my pics of Atlas Coal mine but that was a super cool tour right nearby.  And seeing the Biplanes from Vimy that was cool too.  But we also did a bunch of horse stuff, like going to a mounted shooting competition down in Brooks.  I don't compete but Neil's cousin and his wife do as well as a friend of Neil's from Hanna and a friend of mine.
(Micheal First Pattern)

(Michael Second Pattern)

(Miranda second Pattern)

(Miranda another second pattern)

We found out when Miranda msged me and asked if we were going, well sure we can go and visit cause way closer than where they live lol.  Micheal's Mom and Dad (Cathy and Bumpy) were coming down and so we visited with them as well.  Neil's Mom and Dad came and his Aunt Doris as well.  It was a family reunion lol. My nephews came as well cause they never seen it before and they thought was kinda cool.
(I don't know who she is but her horse coulda been Razz!)

(Denise and her Bandit, 
we missed later on when she did the shotgun class woulda been cool)

(and I don't know who he is either but he has one of those compression hoods on, 
I guess he can be kinda spazy but it seems to work so far)

(and a mule, they run so weird)

I got a few pics, was nice cause it was in the outdoor arena so pics turned out really good.  Jaret wanted me to get a pic of a balloon bursting but I wasn't fast enough, maybe next time I will try to do a burst shot and maybe get one.  Looks like a fun sport, might be cool to try but I still like cutting more.


Mrs Shoes said...

How neat that you got to go to a shoot. My dad & also Mr Shoes are both firearms instructors, you'd think mounted shooting would be a next step, right? Tell you the truth, since swamp fever was introduced into this province earlier this year, I have no desire to haul out anywhere. But watch, oh yes!

Mules -funny run- yes, aren't they? But those eyes and ears.... can't get too close to one in case it turns out it's for sale. Mr Shoes would have a kitten on the spot!

TeresaA said...

They have this here too. I am intrigued by the idea. Not sure what Carmen would think.....

Crystal said...

Ha Mrs Shoes, I do love those ears they are just so adorable. but many years ago I was at a clinic and they had mules we drove, they were really well broke but I had decided as adorable and cool as they are I am not sure I have patience for them, they are a lot different. I have gotten better since then I think (I hope) but still not sure.

Oh Teresa, I can only imagine what Carmen would think about any of that haha but would be interesting.

Shirley said...

I think this would be a lot of fun. We have a MS club here in Creston, Ted wants to try it but he's have to get off his butt and ride a lot more than he does before I'd let him take Rosalee- who would probably be a good mount for MS