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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Extra Horses

Monday I again went to the doctor.  I am healthy, he says.  I said I still cough and feel tired, and he says that the cough can last up to two more weeks and I will feel more rested by then as well, but stay away from sick people as I am very suseptible to getting reinfected.  So good news I guess.

Anyways on the way to the doctor I seen the mysterious footprints in the yard,

 then I seen a telltale sign that horses had been running through our yard. 

Well after reading Loves Ranchlife and More where their horses escaped, I was pretty worried about our ponies.  Although I did think it was weird that they would leave cause the babies are in the corral and there was tons of hay and oat bales in the yard and I couldn't see how they would get through at least 2 fences.

But after talking to the hubby and seeing my own horses, I knew we had the neighbors horses wandering in the yard.  They were pretty easy to tell apart, 9 horses, a pony and a mule.  And two of the horses were paint and one an appy, so we should have been able to recognize whos they were.

We called two different neighbors and they werent there, Neil went to visit two others and they weren't thiers, so we were confused, no other close neighbors have horses. 

So yesterday we were in town all day and we had a thought about 6 miles up the road from us last summer one neighbor had a bunch of horses like this, so we phoned and sure enough they are his.  Not sure how they got all that way through all kinds of fences, cause the tracks to our house came from the south, but who knows, just glad they got here instead of on the highway or something.

They came this morning with a stock trailer and it took two loads, but they all got home again.


fernvalley01 said...

It does seem funny that they travelled so far. But glad you found their people in the end! Hope you continue to mend well

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Well gee...they sure picked the right yard...with all that hay stacked around. ;-)

Glad to hear you are getting better. Sounds like a particularly nasty cold/flu you were dealing with. We have been dealing with a touch of something that has been wiping us all out here too. Meg was the worst and I was getting ready to get her into the doctor, but she woke up the next morning and said she felt a ton better. Have been making her take it easy though because she still seems drained.

lisa said...

Wow, I take all kinds of precautions to prevent that from happening and 99 percent of the time I am successful but there is that 1 percent.

Linda said...

We get the neighbors horses too....they've been walking across the texas gates.

Rising Rainbow said...

I had that stuff and I can say listen to the doc about staying away from sick people. It hangs on too long as it is without getting reinfected with the cr*p.

This is the second blog to post about strange horses showing up at their place. I wonder if something is in the air we all need to know about. LOL

I'm sure glad you found the owners and that everyone is safe where they belong now.

Shirley said...

I guess Texas Gates in this kind of winter are about the same as an open gate to a horse- or cow, for that matter.

gowestferalwoman said...

Rest up - that stuff comes back with a vengeance
- I would know.

Horses wander around here too - but we usually see them in either BLM or Forest land...Good thing they showed up on your doorstep!